November 13 [Tue], 2007, 2:13
2 of my friend that lives back in japan gave me an e mail today
yaaaaa so happy
i hope my daddy is okay


October 30 [Tue], 2007, 1:11


October 27 [Sat], 2007, 1:06
well hi poeple my name is mayuko and i was so tired that
i did not try to do any thing i didnt have to work till today and today
i have to work and its going to suckcause there is so any thing to remember
but im going to try my best
well other than that its all good for have fun me....

i hate this 

October 24 [Wed], 2007, 1:36
getting crushed is hard but after that is much more harsh
my cat got fixed on monday so that was good im happy he is okay
but today im in schol and there is same stuff that suck
but im not talking about it and i hope i can tell her off
thanks mayuko

Im going to do it..... 

October 18 [Thu], 2007, 1:11
today im going to ask him out
i hope it works man
wish my luck ppl
i love u so love me to


October 16 [Tue], 2007, 1:07
kyouwa roumajide kakukoto ni samasita
oira ima kataomoichuunandakedo nanka munasiinosa....
ddate kyou wa aitu oira ni hanasikaketu konaisi.....
hen nakibun
mata asitaninareba nantoka naruka....


October 12 [Fri], 2007, 1:06
hi today its so cold in the school
im frezing to death here
i hope they dont have the heat on if it is
i am going to die this winter man......

About today 

October 11 [Thu], 2007, 1:16
Hi today here at school
i have my friend next to me she is taking a test
so she cant talk to me.......
im borde here im so happy i dont have to take
the test..........
thank god i lived in Japan
for about 13and a half freaking years
oh well
i can speak it man oh yeah
i wish your luck chellie

I would love to bitch about today 

October 10 [Wed], 2007, 4:05
Hitoday i found out that my one of my bff is back in town
and she is going to stay at her moms[which is at here]
so im happy about that
and tonight i have to work for same girl so thats going to be fun
i hope my bff can find me same guy so we can hang out man that would be fun
well i wish i will have a good day thanks

Hi my name is mayuko 

October 09 [Tue], 2007, 4:08
Hi my name is mayuko and i live in us i moved
japan and i keep trying to make my life better but its not working but so
i begin to think i should start this
i might not be so nice on things but who cares this is my space man
so u dont like what i do ucan kiss my ass bitches
thanks b kool mayuko
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