Chen Xiaotang at the moment it is full

June 20 [Thu], 2013, 10:37
Leave the background, Chen Xiaotang at the moment it is full of confidence, although do not know how their own pentatonic sound line of what, at least, to find a good teacher, in the past, but Cai Fenghua does not lose to Tan Zhang king of two stars, but a little bad luck, or that may be how red. Back to song and dance hall, Chen Xiaotang found that Liu Dehua and his girlfriend Yu Kexin disappeared, but before he could ask, week Xingchi mouth quickly, pour beans like just said what happened again. Chen Xiaotang didn't expect this sort of thing, originally wanted to bring friends shouted together together, who knows what will cause so many unhappy. Want, go, after all, that Yu Kexin is very difficult, I drank too much wine to make a bigger thing. Figured this out, so Chen Xiaotang put easily shrugged, said: "since Hua Zi has gone, you have to help me buy wine drink it all remember, waste is shameful!" "What's wrong with you oh, so much wine?" Zhou Xingchi mouth say, but began to take the three or four bottles of beer round: "I most handout spirit, these I will help to eliminate I pick, a bottle of dozens of blocks, is too expensive!" See him this appearance, Liang Chaowei them dumbfounding. I like to take advantage of it, also the old love excuses, the "India star" is a real! So the best the relationship between Zhou Xingchi and Liang Chaowei joked: "a Xing, you take it easy,Oakley HALF X Sunglasses, and you did not rob,Oakley Oil Rig Sunglasses, in case the belly hold bomb would be the loss outweighs the gain!" Next to that originally used as embellishment "tea sister" also advised him: "don't drink so much, you want to send me home!" Zhou Xingchi: "my peace of mind, I can not o Tang is so good, but also not cover, a few dozen beer, did not put me down! Don't send you to go home, even if it takes you to the goalkeeper is more than sufficient!" Here, close Zhilin was asked Chen Xiaotang to learn singing, Chen Xiaotang simply said everything. Shut Zhilin see him do not want to say, I did not ask. At this time, it was about ten pm, the dance hall was bustling, Chen Xiaotang as a treat, of course not silence, began and the Zhou Xingchi and the Liang Chaowei two people finger-guessing game, while fifteen twenty, while guess treasure, while another is the large pressure of small...... Even to the last, Chen Xiaotang simply put some RPS past learned are out, teach them to play, they immediately, this table will become a "two little m ì bee ah, flying in the flowers...... Left right Feifei, Feifei, Baji Baji!" This special finger-guessing game, attracted around a lot of people came, and some even come from, and will learn later,Oakley Radar Online, back to his desk also began to "fly, fly! Yum, yum!!!" During the period, Marie sister to send two fruit, pineapple and go back to their gift of a bottle of Chivas, the whole table full of food, drink more Zhou Xingchi goes round, straight yell: "can not drink, drink will burst out!" But when the bottle of Chivas up, he opened it moves faster than anyone. The party to the second half of the week, Xingchi head halo, tongue, said: ">
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