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December 28 [Fri], 2012, 17:07
Wang Li Hong - the strongest man in the world environment, Chu Mu saw the strong appeared, the first reaction was not his always to think beyond the appearance of surprise, nor is their now stand at Li Hong's height when the pleased with oneself, but appeared a very disrespectful.: "this guy, world city big difficult time where the hell can be of no great importance, but this thing came out" to Li Hong's strength, even if is not half the white - opponent, or at least to be only half the white - and contest the people Canada Goose Chateau, with the seven figure of grace, Liu Yuan old Liu, Binglan, will not let the world city into the crisis.But this guy is not appeared, not knowing the king time expires, ignore the world city is a non?Chu Mu's remarks about actually three palaces in Liu Yuan old, Liu Binglan and others had complained, but three big palace never accused the king what, after all, even to the world city as the foundation of the three palaces of most of the senior members of the forces in Vientiane exit, will seldom stay days under the city Youth's Kensington.It is this neglect, can cause y ī n conspirators used, almost all the city to destroy.No matter how you complain, Li Hung is ultimately the world environment best, and he was standing in the three side of the palace forces.Li Hong from H ú n pet house, initially only in H ú n pet palace as elders, then slowly climbed to h ú n pet's highest Lord position.At the time of white - chaos, Li Hung strength about and senators, but become king after world environment Canada Goose Heli-Arctic Parka, he obtained the corresponding resources, through their painstaking cultivation, broke through the limit of human, has become master of grade H ú n pet strong, become fully deserve the day under the king.He is about how to break the bottleneck of the human world has multiple versions, some said he crossed the border to Vientiane, Vientiane exit more the prohibition domain depths, in East prohibition domain has adventures.Some say that Li Hong won the H ú n pet palace has never L ù face no one even know the name of the God of the heritage watch.Some say that is, Li Hung very lucky emperor h ú n pet had racial change every strong, has its own legend, from the tens of billions of people of talent showing itself, his story is certainly not the one or two version will be able to come.Anyway, the strong are appreciated, Chu Mu not improperly belittle oneself, but also not because of their special semi magic rather pleased with oneself, is h ú n pet division should make their own h ú n pet powerful, Chu Mu know if no special half demon, away from this man stand height is away one day, Chu Mu to their cultivation of H ú n pet, dignified and imposing and this level of strong fighting Jiang Yuan so people see Li Hong, are slightly relieved.Has Li hung in it, presumably day Ji and his the two super strong scheming, also afraid of Li Hong and the entire Syracuse Legion forces.One of the four male stranger Ling face s è not too good, although Li Hong was not a hero, but the absolute strength as s è in Sixiong, this guy is h ú n UNITA eyes, if has the opportunity to get rid of, H ú n pet palace is no threat to X ì ng.The warrior days Ji don't really care whether Li Hong appeared, she had no interest in itself to these disputes to the Syracuse is nursed back to health by fire to his invasion of the spirit h ú n.However, the silver s è evil things, she is to heart, opening for Li Hong said: "the people from the southern prohibition domain the southernmost nightmare magic Empire, this is a nightmare demon king empire.Its strength is not under me, it also hoped that the world and pay more attention to, otherwise, light dead weight, death, plunge the people into misery and suffering, stretches for miles.""Silver s è the things I have heard, it long ago it was told, had not only thought that day she can take it, I will let each big city in charge of special attention."
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