even if he again how anger provocation

December 28 [Fri], 2012, 17:00
Full text without advertising chapter 755th half demon war, white -, Chu Mu half magic white - unwilling to Chu Mu shot, that is because Chu Mu white nightmare magic is magic white - only offspring.(full text download free) but Chu Mu now half demon incarnation will completely is not a concept, before the white devil is very weak, even if he again how anger provocation, magic white - will it as a love beyond their own stubborn child, with a computer.And now the White Devil's Avatar half demon, great strength, should be to reach the invincible emperor level.Half magic itself with a strong resentment, this can produce some of the threats, and defiant organism, resentment naturally upon the body, release the merciless.And the rules of survival, also cannot contain 2.5 half demon magic, Chu Mu cannot contain half the white -, white - the same half demon cannot contain half the Chu Mu "you are not my opponent, then stop me, even you kill" half magic white - cold on Chu mu said.This sentence, seems to be a half magic white - the last remaining any sense, magic white - offspring all killed, he would not have his last descendants will destroy.However, if the offspring of delusions following make, try to stop his killing to alleviate suffering, he doesn't mind half magic Chu mu heart out, then ruthlessly crush Chu mu of course is not aware of their half magic white - opponent, beyond the emperor and invincible emperor eventually has a great strength to divide, but, battle magic, neither war nor magic, Chu Mu would rather with vigour and vitality and to finally rage released at the same time Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Jackets Discount, separated by less than ten meters two half magic proudly in the huge world city, the surging momentum such as the two major storm collided in midair, overflow space air to air disaster, killing the whole world city city those silver meteorite belted ruins were swept into the sky Women's Aosta Bomber, to a big muddy, dusty enveloped in the world over the city of world city tens of millions of people, they be confound at towards the outside run, want to stay away from this is a place.But, a lot of slightly age old soul pet division who they know, this level of combat, with their speed, no matter to where will be of no avail, because they are at a pace is several kilometers, covering the area of skills and tens of kilometers, perhaps after the battle, they would have to escape more than 10 kilometers, two half the battle but appeared in their heads."Hu Hu Hu Hu Hu Hu" devil flame billowing, Chu Mu body slowly lifted off.The battle must be much higher in the sky, or the city because of their combat has been turned into ruins, if not the entire city disappear, it is impossible to recover from.Half the Bai language is not at all in battle position, he and Chu Mu as the body slowly emerging upward, eyes with a laugh at stalling for time?Half magic white - sneer.Half the time is not long, but away in front of the half demon Canada Goose Kensington Parka Discount, to exterminate the let their anger over half demon city, rub white - lifted a right hand, devil flame rapid combustion, the arm casting became a silver sword is this evil attack from potential Chu Mu abnormal pupil to be able to see half the white - action since we know each other to play what skills, Chu Mu body immediately into the phantom, the semi-real, flickering "torn" half magic white - right hand play, suddenly, Chu Mu from all sides, tearing space evil attack, there are eighteen handle each handle evil attack is a kilometer, sharp cut, almost all dodge Chu Mu azimuth to sealed the twilight hack Chu greatly in the heart, they can only instant release two evil attack, and must follow the space trajectory set aside half demon, the Bai language is directly broken space ban, raise hand, it is the eighteen handle evil attack from all directions and decapitated, if it was for a common peak emperor, the blow is enough to make it be split "Shuashua" Chu mu the phantom cannot all Dodge, chest and back immediately by two evil attack to tear, cut out two long
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