quickly convergence from the atmosphere

December 28 [Fri], 2012, 16:37
"Damn you, don't let me know who the owner, once to find me, I will give you all the master's bones to pick out boiled soup and then let you down" Fang Li angry towards moye roar.After swearing to vent, Fang Li is not dare to stay here for long, as the master of its own stealth demon spirit emperor Dynasty peaks at the end of the run "toot toot" small moye see has alarmed the hive peak demons bug, is quickly convergence from the atmosphere, as the embodiment of the Chu state of flow, it is the follow Fang Li behind escape small moye can is to have the demon spirit Master is x ì ng, it just can't be stealth, speed is not slow much Li demon spirit."Buzz buzz buzz" main nest peak top, black s è cloud general swarm suddenly fly out, these by black s è worms consisting of cloud can change shape, can now be obvious to see a huge swarm in a thin black s è yarn floats, are speed slide "don't follow me you wicked," Timberland 14 Inch; party for Li see small moye chases itself Men's Calgary, fly.However, when he turned and saw the black s è swarm flying around the peak of yarn sliding down when, suddenly numb, this feels like the death belt is wound over the emperor but low as long as falling into its attack range, then the square Li it can die, the most important is that the lower the Emperor the emperor has penetrated his demon spirit contact, and he considered and behind the little things are one of the little thing masquerading as a small fox, the true spirit and fully converge, look no fighting force, and his demon spirit is the emperor, once locked, contact will be of no avail, that read among the insects is certainly looking directly above the Emperor Li Li demon spirit now full brain is run, have not the slightest bit stays Black s è swarm yarn blowing in the wind to a height of eight thousand five hundred meters when, suddenly all together, this time all black s è small such as gravel forms began combination, in black s è worm is breath wrapped, gradually condensed into a flashing "s è shiny giant worm is full of black - read s è bone rib meat wing, the whole has ten only, swing it, simple straightLike meat grinder blade.The arm also has ten only, every one of them is the black s è arms with knife, bright, see people tremble with terror "read" demons worm opened full of acid liquid ugly mouth, deep in the throat spray a black s è acoustic B ō, straight down the mountains through the numerous bug group wind around B ō around these things, small volume, but eating is shocking, a worm can in ten seconds will be an ordinary animal bite only bones, but this time at least tens of thousands of this worm tail with sound B ō toward the side of the H ú Li pet n.Square stern scared already drenched in cold sweat dripping wet, he perceived skill hit, was flustered let demon spirit emperor dodge and with demons into together one km, this distance, the emperor was able to dodge demon spirit.Dodge this terrible attack, Fang Li and I looked back at the little fox.Let's party Li nearly spat blood is, I do not know when, the fox has a different direction from the escaped, but terror was ignored in read - the little guy, directed toward the other, low level of biological him emperor is mental, the read - insect natural clear this is human h ú n pet Division attempted here any.Read - insects are the first to discover small moye, then found a square stern, but read demons bug eyes, first kill is definitely human greed Canada Goose Aosta, the atmosphere suddenly become weak and delicate and touching many small creatures, demons, even if that read small moye is camouflage, also can't really go after it.So, when the small moye selected from another direction to flee when read, demons bug just shout some eight wing demons bug chasing, itself of evil human pursuit, after all, this guy is obviously and the front two humans are a group of ground, Chu Mu still hiding in the a very safe location, raising their heads far looked at the main nest peak to the north."That is the low level demons emperor bug, size seems to be in front of more than one big ah" Chu Mu uttered a sigh.
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