not a panacea It is also not unusual

January 08 [Tue], 2013, 12:28
Today, second, find recommendations, and Subscribe. "How to 'wilderness survival' adaptation rights Canada Goose Camrose Parka Discount? Everything go okay?" Thomas - Lansing is still up words that usually when they meet several together are Thomas - Lansing, Côte - La Porte supplement, Argenteuil - Case not necessary basic are not opening. The same is true today. Avon - Bell nodded his head, walked into the 9th indoor suddenly warm, laughter can be heard from time to time in the office, people can not help to think of the scene of the chūn days. See Evan - Bell four leading office people not only did not converge, laughter is far more some. "Evan, congratulations show the successful conclusion of this sound come and go, others cried," Evan, requires strong 1256 three hundred warriors go to Rio de Janeiro travel! "Avon - Bell Xiaohe Huileyiju to the" That's this year Christmas is not a holiday. "sound suddenly let issued smile froze look depressed, uneconomical!" 11 studio office occasions always appear in addition to Eden - Hudson when the air pressure will involuntarily dropped outside, other times it is always full of joy. Eleven studio recent chūn Wind proud, just the end of a brilliant 2005, the YouTube channel business again in 2006, "High School Green chūn" and "first" tour successfully opened the curtain, the entire studio up and down very festive. Onto the second floor conference room of Hell, Evan - Bell went to the next dispenser automatically poured a cup of warm water, and now he has been accustomed to this action, even Teddy - Bell they are not around, and he is consciously doing this move. Thomas - of Lansing watched Argenteuil - a Case, spoke directly, Argenteuil, you say or I say? "Argenteuil - Case watching Thomas - Lansing an indifferent look like. Côte - La Porte spoke, "Thomas, you say, let Argenteuil say two sentences say finished." Thomas - Lansing 1256 three hundred warriors did not decline, it comes directly on the opening. "Evan, this morning Argenteuil received a a movie planning case, Argenteuil After reading it, I felt very feasible xìng but I think that is too risky, is not very appropriate. Had wanted to talk more about that, and then and Teddy tell us, you just came back and we feel that looking for you to make a decision a little more direct. "Avon - Bell drank a mouthful of water. Feel warm stomach, this said, "You said in the meeting?" Thomas - Lansing nodded his head, "a meeting open to the half saw your car back downstairs." No wonder three people so neat to greet them at the door. Evan - Bell on the sofa to sit directly down and indoor warm feeling very relaxed environment for people such as chūn. Avon - Bell only feel their muscles are relaxed, "Teddy and I just get the 'wilderness survival' right of adaptation, the next period of time, I have to put in the screenplay adaptation. Estimated that there is no time. "When I hear this sentence Thomas - Lansing could not help giggle laugh together, but without explaining. Avon - Bell curious to see to the Argenteuil - Case cast an inquiring eyes, "how?" Argenteuil - Keith was very crisp, work is vigorous and resolute, he spoke directly, "This Ministry works even by our studio to produce, you do not fit. "Here paused, added a" not suitable for the director is not suitable for the actor. "Argenteuil - Case directly, so Thomas - Lansing smile happier. Obviously, Thomas - Lansing would love to see the appearance of Avon - Bell distress. Unfortunately, he was destined to be disappointed. Avon - Bell pick the eyebrow, "What's so funny you? Me not suitable for the angle sè and the screenplay is a lot of good, I'm not a panacea It is also not unusual." Avon - Bell's magnanimous Thomas - Lansing shouting "boring", "Evan, you want a little sense of humor, sense of humor, you should at least match angry, or disappointed son thing." hear Thomas - Lansing, Côte - La Porte, Argenteuil - Case looked straight ahead, are a do not know Thomas - Lansing looks like. Back Evan - very compatible with the Bell, also did not see Thomas - Lansing asked to directly looked at Argenteuil - Case, "What is the project? Appropriate access, improper refusal, the three of you what differences? "in the planning of this movie is very bold." Argenteuil - Case readily explained, "planning case hope the whole movie all shot in the studio Blue foreground, and then all of the scenes with the late effects produced. "Avon - Bell eyebrows involuntarily pick pick, this is indeed a very bold idea, and his mind immediately emerge out of a movie by that name. Sitting next to Thomas - Lansing do not see people care about their own, suddenly wait any longer to see Argenteuil - Case as saying to a paragraph, immediately took over the Buddist movie called '300 ', according to Frank - Miller's comic adaptation, interpretation of the Battle of Thermopylae, the subject matter itself is the past two years, had not seen since sè epic story, which in itself is more difficult, the director unknown, but want to make use of all effects produced, which is a bold challenge. "Sure enough," in 300 (300) Men's Canada Goose Mountaineer, Avon - Bell mind emerges in the film is this Ministry. Under Thomas - Lansing quick explanation of the incidents quickly sketched in Evan - Bell mind. Frank - Miller is a famous American comic artist, "Batman Black Knight reproduction of his fame as the" Sin City "was laying his Masters in the comic book industry," 300 "is his famous works a. Last year, Frank - Miller own comics, "Sin City" onto the big screen, achieved great success, has also become one of the only remaining 2005 several large business. Zach - Schneider is a former director of an ad, he and the famous Michael - the shell is the same period of Health, But Michael - Tony already famous of, but Zach - Schneider is in advertising, music videos boundary ups and downs than a decade, until 2004 directed his first work Canada Goose Manitoba, "Dawn of the Dead". "Dawn of the Dead" has achieved very good results at the box office, but because of its issuing company Universal Pictures film does not attach importance to publicity and not given sufficient resources, so the movie is not able to further create good results. "Dawn of the Dead", Zach - Schneider once again fell into silence. The last year saw the "Sin City", a huge influence on him, which made him determined to shoot a pinnacle in the visual style works. Zach - Schneider, select the "300" this work, and decided to use their own painting skills, the movie screen carefully written portrayed the shooting of the film is all in the shed blue foreground scene from post-production in accordance with his planning to add up. The bold planning case is baked, Zach - Schneider found Frank - Miller express his own adaptation of the wishes of the "300" comic. But was Frank - Miller refused, because this comic is the shining pinnacle of my career, I will not tolerate their own efforts for being adapted into a bad commercial films like 'Troy' like. Faced with this difficulty, Zach - Schneider quickly find a breakthrough in his own movie scenes sketched picture drawn down and show it to Frank - Miller look, and then promised the full support of their own will find a willing He planned film company. Frank - Miller, after comprehensive consideration, agreed to Zach - Schneider holding a planning case with the film company to meet the request, but Frank - Miller requirements, the final film company must also obtain his approval, "300" adaptation rights in order to give Zach - Schneider. Zach - Schneider first find Royal Gate Films, the production company of "Sin City" Unfortunately, spellbound as Royal Gate Films uncertainty can all use special effects to create a movie for the special effects team The requirements are very demanding. Subsequently, Zach - Schneider found 11 studio eleven studio in terms of resources shortage, but we all know the eleven studio has always hesitate to give the creators zìyóu, and Zach - Schneider think Evan - Bell for this planning should be very interested. Zach - Schneider come to eleven studio successfully met the staff, he submitted the planning, before he left, he saw Argenteuil - Keyes, and face-to-face throughout the planning statement again. Argenteuil - Case read the detailed planning program, think that it is feasible, but Thomas - Lansing embrace the questioning attitude that the subjects or the shooting style, or publicity stunt, are open to question. Sparta 300 Warrior movie, Evan - Bell how they will not know, even if the distance on life has been long, long time in the past, but the the splendours movie screen, the blood xìng surging plot blood passionate scenes, still remain in the minds echoed. As an epic war movie, this is indeed a very out sè works. Avon - Bell personally very fond of. Avon - Bell looked in front of three people, not help laughing, "Thomas, are you sure you have not made a mistake?" Thomas - Lansing Avon - Bell this sentence confused Avon - Bell went on to say to "Should not you in favor of, Argenteuil oppose it?" usually are Thomas - Lansing relatively bold open Argenteuil - Case relatively conservative stubborn today treat "in 300" This Ministry of works, the two seemed to have swapped general. Avon - Bell looked at the smiling Côte - La Porte, "What do you view?" Ivory - La Porte did not refuse, spoke directly, "I think it suits our style of studio either on ground-breaking, or simply do not do. "outbreak to seek monthly demand subscription! Add more later. RQ! ! !
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