Really laughed hard.. 

October 29 [Wed], 2008, 23:16

See these wonderful watches..

understand already?
If someone were to steal it despite seeing the notes..
He/She would be the real dummy.

I laughed so hard seeing the note.
That's what the really made my day,
not the movie.

found it displaying at AMK's cathay.
Celebrating some anniversary..
Something to do with James Bond..



October 27 [Mon], 2008, 21:01
Just a public holiday off..
and I don't feel like going to school tomorrow..
It's getting tiring..(>_<)

I just don't feel like getting out of the house.
I'm just too much of a slacker.

And there's something to think about..
Though I've always been thinking about it..
I'm still not sure about the answer.


October 26 [Sun], 2008, 0:41

See the pro(s)!(笑)

Who do you think is better?
they're about the same.
Because the main point is to have fun.(^_^)

Some people just like to pose.
Poser I mean.
We don't need to know how well you know about something.

The whole point is to have fun.
There is no need to be so stubborn,
rules are all man-made.

What's more?
We're not even in any competitions.
If you can't get over it,
well, the door is just a few steps away.

Some people are just pure 'fun'.
They accuse people of irritating them..
and they overlook the fact that,
they themselves are doing the same thing.

are getting interesting.(笑)

no plan 

October 24 [Fri], 2008, 23:45

Today's lesson was at the Esplanade.
It was fun..
The 'Speak Good English' Event was.

Before the event started,
we went to the roof top to look at the scenery.
According to them,
the night view is better.

But it's still quite a nice sight.
After the event,
we wanted to hang out.
But the funny thing is,
because some people needs to go back to school.

And the whole thing turned weird..
as in, the situation.
So we hang out aimlessly.
The whole hang out was just,
eat, sit and eat.(爆)

it's time to keep my mouth shut.(>_<)


October 23 [Thu], 2008, 23:01

I got that shot. (笑)
Was playing the game .
Because we're too 'pissed',
that we can't complete stage 4 of story mode, hard.

So we decided to be Rock Stars.
Hint : There's only a pro inside.
The rest are beginners.(笑)
Including me.

Almost didn't want to leave.
Too addicted to games.
But well,
we still have to leave.

This is the joy I like.
To just play and think of nothing.
The whole point is to have fun.(^_^)

I really really like it.
They're really my bunch of best buddies!!

#2; i'm lovin' it 

October 20 [Mon], 2008, 22:33

It's been so long since I last had Korean food.
But to my disappointment,
it doesn't taste quite good.
I didn't want to use the word 'bad'.

Today Ms.Ivy's lesson is canceled again.
So I thought I wanna go Matt's house,
to play .
But not only our usual group went,
there were also TingTing's group..
which involve another 5 people.(笑)

Instead of playing ,
'we' played .
Well, they played..
while I play the guitar.

Must make good use of the time..
to learn something,
while the 'teacher'(Matt) is there.(^_^)

Took some pictures as well...

I seriously look stupid in pictures.(爆)
and there are suppose to be more people,
but they're busy playing games.(笑)

all over again 

October 19 [Sun], 2008, 16:12

Been thinking a lot since yesterday.
Just thought that,
maybe I should start being myself.

Being inspired to do something and copying to do similarity is different.
That's my conclusion.
In case anyone wants to know,
my old yaplog ID is na-naomi.
As for how it comes about,
I think I'll skip that details.

Meeting nice people can brighten our day.
But if something screws up,
it just sucks the whole day.

Many times,
we're forced to make decisions..
that will either make our position difficult,
or making others' position difficult.

The same happen to me this morning.
I made a friend get scolded..
causing her to drop tears.

It just made me feel so bad.
And it definitely not my intention to do so.
Sometimes I'm thinking,
it'd be way better to do things alone.

Then probably I don't have to make any difficult decisions.
As for my day,
it's ruined.(>_<)
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