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1.30 / 2006年01月30日(月)
Kogorou was quick to censure Shnichi to make Ran fall out of love with him.

The "colored" boy Heiji had a choleric personality.

When you inspect the crime scene, you want to be circumspect you don't use bare hands.

Shinichi had no clemency for the clammy-faced guy who killed his son.

The tengu case was a closed-case murder in a cloister in the woods.

Shinichi and Heiji coalesced to form the ultimate coalition of sleuth.

The cops should not use get a confession out of criminals by coercion.

Shinichi was a soccer player, A+ student, complete with complacency.

The confrontation forced Kazuha to concede that Heiji is cool.

Sonoko had to concur with Shinichi that Ran is beyond cute.

He loved Ran, but nothing could be done to get rid of the love letters, so he condoned them.
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1.28 + 1.29 II / 2006年01月30日(月)
Uncle loves to acclaim himself after "solving" mysteries. [a claim]

Shinichi was often in acquiesce to accept jobs from the police.

Conan was adamant to become a 17-year-old again. [dammit]

Ran fears ghost stories because of getteing an anathema.

The BO's ethics were an antithesis of Shinchi's. [anti...]

Shinichi's hid his feelings from Ran with apathy.

Shinichi had a hard time tracking the arcane BO.

Ran's articulate intimidation scared Shinichi into complying. [artery... fear for life]

Ran held an ascendancy over her father.

Megure scolded Takagi with asperity. [authority]

Shinichi assuaged Ran's anger to avoid getting hurt.
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1.28 + 1.29  / 2006年01月30日(月)
Shinichi's deductions are often abstruse; it's a pain to translate.

To make it to the Nationals is the highest accoladefor a high school soccer player.

The handcoffed criminal attacked Shinichi with acrimonious words. [a! crime-onious]

Shinichi's adroit escape left nothing but loose ropes around a chair. [droit is right in French. I'm right-handed.]

Ai remained aloof from the Tanteidan.

Ran was always altruistic, never complaining about being left alone. [all true (to Shinichi)-istic]

Shinichi's volunteer work help ameliorate the world into a safer place. [amelia sounds like a flower]

Ran and Sonoko's amity is forever.

Amorphous criminal groups are easily caught for their carelessness.

Ran became an ascetic lover for Shinichi's sake. [like asexual]

Ran received good grades because she was an assiduous student. [like assignment]
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きゃああああああ (完全悲鳴) / 2006年01月29日(日)

*sigh* I wish I was a genius. Especially today, I feel like the dumbest rock in the world. You'd think someone who cares about school as much as I do will at least know enough to not be late on the morning of the...oh, I don't know, the most important test which determines what college I get into! Everyone else in this whole country knows the right time. And me, the stupid me just had to be an hour late, assuming the test starts at nine instead of eight. I wish I was a genius.

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きゃああああああ (半分悲鳴、半分喜び) / 2006年01月26日(木)

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RELAX my ass / 2006年01月22日(日)


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HOT!! / 2006年01月19日(木)
Okay, that may be going too far, and I admit, I've never outwardly shown interest in the opposite sex. But, man... he's cute. The guy. And his cockiness just doubles to his attraction factor. =] I'm attracted to cocky guys...
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新学期 / 2006年01月18日(水)






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計画 / 2006年01月14日(土)
13 - organize binder, print out APUSH, pick up book
14 - English & APUSH
15 - SAT/Robotics
16 - Shoot 6/7

21 - Mogi SAT
22 - Homework

28 - SAT
29 - celebrate!

4 - Robotics
5 - Homework

11 - Robotics
12 - Homework

18 - Conan 106/Shoot?
19 -
20 -
21 -
22 -
23 -
24 -
25 -
26 - ....

SAT: 4 Princeton + 11 Practice. That means everyday starting today!
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やっと期末テスト終わりvv / 2006年01月13日(金)
8 lasts.
last cigarette: never. yuck
last beverage: soymilk
last kiss: err... maybe my grandma.
last movie seen: Nemo. yeah, I'm slow...
last phone call: Jimmy. ...don't. go. there.
last music played: Sakura, kobukuro. vv
last bubble bath: christmas 05
last time you cried: yesterday at lunch

7 have you evers.
have you ever dated a best friend: nope
have you ever skinny dippped: nope
have you ever kissed somebody and regretted it: nope
have you ever lost someone you loved: hmm... nope
have you ever been dumped: nope
have you ever been drunk and threw up: nope
have you ever ran away: um... unsuccessfully, yeah

6 things you've done today:
1. listened to my alarm clock. you don't understand... yesterday, apparently I turned off my alarm clock while asleep. I ended up being late to school.
2. finished all my finals
3. watched Wizard of Oz. After hearing so much about it.. man, what a disappointment.
4. ate chocolate. bad rika...
5. talked to patty
6. organizing computer data
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