Elizabeth Unicorn エリザベートユニコーンハイウエストジャンパースカート

January 10 [Sun], 2016, 22:10
This is one of the dresses I ignored until it was too late

But I was lucky and a lovely friend of mine sold it to me

The details are so cute! ?


December 27 [Sun], 2015, 17:04

I bought these adorable buttons just to give them out to friends for Christmas?

They are so cute and all feature adorable illustrations??I think all I am eating lately is macarons and okonomiyaki?

Christmas Dinner

December 27 [Sun], 2015, 16:55

I'm so behind on updates :( I hope I can post about my Christmas presents soon but there are still 2 or 3 posts I have to do before??that's what I get for not actually updating on the same day ~ oh well

I have been to one of Wiesbaden's most fancy restaurants with my co workers for our Christmas dinner?

The food was so good and the place so amazing??there was a lady singing jazz songs and the atmosphere was wonderful?

xmas drinks

December 22 [Tue], 2015, 20:10

Usually I don't drink much specially not during the week but I had an extremely good day and then everything just went a little crazy. I ordered two pitcher frozen magaritas and was pretty drunk??good that I had my sober friends with me. We had a fun night at a Mexican restaurant?

The next day I had a pretty bad hangover but managed my feedback talk at work real well I got a little present from what I bought nd Elizabeth Unicorn and some other dresses ?

I also got flowers and at the company meeting I was asked to come up and got a little gratification??The past weeks were SO exhausting so I was happy my hard work was appreciated and I got some extra money to blow on brand??for the rest of the year it's Netflix & chill and I literally mean watching Netflix, eating and chilling.?

late nicolaus post

December 09 [Wed], 2015, 21:09

I guess I was a good girl this year
The Krampus didn't come but I got a new coat, it is dusty pink but the filter makes it hard to see. A new handbag shoes and a dress. Paul even picked the right size I was very impressed?

Other than that we went to the Christmas market and I slowly but surely turn into a Gl?hwein addict?
I also bought myself a little gift it smells so good as if it was made to compliment a an angelic pretty winter print


December 01 [Tue], 2015, 22:12

On Sunday evening I went to the Christmas market with my family

It was quite warm so not very Christmas like but I had a lot of fun looking for Christmas tree decorations

I love the smell it always smells so warm and sweetAfter the Christmas market we went to see the new James Bond movieI never thought I would actually like it but I didI'm a Bond fan now?

ε-(´∀`; )

November 28 [Sat], 2015, 20:48

I have moved into my new apartment and I am very happy everything went so well. We bought a new sofa and I am getting new heathers sadly the sofa takes 10 weeks to be delivered because it is custom made but we are looking forward to it

I picked colors for the rooms it will be dark blue for the bedrooms and ice blue for the living roomI was a little sad to move away from
Mainz but we found this cute little bakery and my boyfriend said we will move back home some daybut for now I am happy and excited about the big city life?

it smells like Christmas

November 28 [Sat], 2015, 14:49

The Christmas market opened a few days agoit has been really cold and dark in the last days but the lights on my way home and the delicious smell of the Christmas market make it a wonderful time

Kyra and I organized a Christmas card exchange between Germany and the U.K. And I was surprised how many Lolita's joined?? I love Christmas season?

finally updated the yaplog app

November 05 [Thu], 2015, 22:49

Uuugh finally! I have a day off work today so I was able to finally update the Yaplog app and now I can post again, I need to catch up on many things so I will post several updates in the next days??I got a new bonnet and our new event under the sea in Amsterdam with Juliette eat Justine sold out within minutes?I am so happy and my mom helped me getting my bike back up so I can ride it again it stood around for years without being used??I am so happy that I can mobile blog again?

Lacebook and other changes

September 21 [Mon], 2015, 20:22

I started packing a while ago, every day I pack a little. I'm going to miss mainz so much but I'm excited for the big city

At work everything is amazing as you can see ~ pancakes make every job so much better

Other than that I realized that I bought this bag from pixyteri and that reminded me if how much I love the old egl comm which have me energy to start working on lacebook again
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