omg how many more days left?!?! 

2006年07月20日(木) 18時27分
sunday : bbq but didnt have fun .. had a really bad argument with rui .. T_T;; he gave me all my stuff wanting to break up .. but we made at the end .. i was so sad T_T

monday : went to icbc to complain, they're jackarses so .. they will die a painfully death =_= that stupid fatarses!!! =_= then went over to rui's house for a bit and went home, he went to work

tuesday : went to rui's house, had a tummy ache T_T and then ate lunch ~ yumm yumm then we had a nap for an hour (by accident lol X3), went to herman's house to do some car stuff, then clubhouse for dinner -- uberly full ><;! then to richmond joined by stephen and terri. terri reminded me of a mini-manda.. ewwww!! discussed about the trip to seattle and then rui's house and then home.

luan//jenjen: ahhhh, we have to talk!! i miss u guys!!

fuking fat bitch 

2006年07月15日(土) 4時35分
i am not disappointed at myself for failing the road test again. all i can say is that i'm very unlucky =_=; what happened was ..

i got the icbc, and the guy examiner called out POON, but some man answered it and i thought that there was another Poon who's doing the road test too. later on, a fat lady examiner kept calling for WU but no one answered, later on, the sister of WU said that he already went. they called me up and asked me why i didnt answer to poon. 1. the other guy answered it 2. he didnt check the photo id (how can u fukin mistake ME for an old man??? bastards..) 3. there could be other POON who is also doing a road test 4. u could have call my full name stupid! so the fat lady became my examiner, she looked pretty pissed off .. and guess wat? she fukin failed me saying that i did a very dangerous right turn .. WAT? ok, some car decided to do a fukin right lane change and speed at the intersection and the stupid fat examiner blamed me!!! like come on, i did everything right and yet, u still have to fail me??? what's wrong with you? maybe the fact that i'm SKINNER THAN U FAT BITCH. U"RE GONNA DIED SLOWLY!! my mom cursed the hell out of that bitch. like seriously, taking it out on me, i did nothing wrong, i wasn't the one who got the NAME mixed up. fuking a-holes .. i already sent a complaint to icbc. i wonder what they'll reply.... but anyways, i was happy that my mom told me not to give up and show those a-holes. UNLUCKY VERY UNLUCKY!! i could have gotten the nice examiner T_T;;

next time, i'll slash all her fat tires and key her fat fuking car. not to mention, she almost couldnt get into my car HAHAHAHAHAHA. and she made me go up this really really steep hill .. BITCH BITCH!!! GRRR FUCK YOU BITCH. one of these years, when i'm rich, i'll take over icbc, not fire u guys but to torment u slowly and painfully and won't let u quit but abuse the hell out of u. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA

lalalalalalala i hate thinking of titles .. 

2006年07月09日(日) 17時01分
went out with rui in the afternoon (12pm)
he got a mr2/celica is sold T_T; mr2 was pretty cool X3 starting to like that crazy car, sunroof = awesomeness;;2 seat = just you and me;;rear engine = O_o!! LOVE!

went to the bank then bought bricks for his mom's garden then bank again X3 and then nappy = love X3, clean up his room=tiring >_>;

went to eat brunch/dunch (breakfast/lunch;;lunch/dinner) at the clubhouse = good food X3 i'm very hungry right now .. and i just ate a bowl of udon .. something is wrong with me .. shiet o_o?! nahh .. probably cuz i skipped breakfast and lunch ^^; i'm happy that i'm eating again .. last few weeks i hate eating .. hope i won't die .. o_o;;

went driving to random places = relaxing~ jerico beach;ubc;richmond;twassen;delta;ferry terminal;home X3

took a walk around langara, had a nice long talk <3 <3

came home around 9pm'ish (first time that i came home so early hahah X3) and eat udon and watch tv;; mission impossible = boring = skipp;; last samurai = not-so-boring but skipp;; ended up watching some hkdrama reruns .. ~_~;;

baby** dont worry, i'll always love you <3

attention please X3 

2006年06月29日(木) 15時02分
monday, went to school to do my chinese final. and then bus to pick up rui from work X3 then we went to buy food and went to his house ^^ stayed over for the night. it was fun :3 we watched charlie's angels. drank some smirnoff .. he got really red even with half a bottle ^^; hehe, kinda cute <3 next day we went to metrotown for some window shopping. he bought 2 pants for himself hehe X3 and bought me a haltertop + shirt. and they're both on sale! $44.50 to $19.50. ^^; took some sticker picture together~ had alot of fun ^^

alot of jdorama are finishing .. yay!

finished reading memoirs of a geisha, it's good, at least better than the movie. it was funny how they call "it" an eel and how it likes to go into an unexplored cave and moves around and then spit to mark its territory X3!!! LOL!

no more doubts ;3 

2006年06月25日(日) 5時33分
went out around .. 9 30 yesterday, very late huh? well rui and kenji/herman were workin on rui's car -- replacing the intercooler cept .. the intercooler didnt fit. "don't estimate it, measure it!!" -- rui X3! rui wants a MR2 and kenji will do anything to help them to be a "mr2 dual" lol

anyways, gave rui a handmade presents which is two framed photos of us~ printed and photoshop by moi~ hehe and a awesome black t-shirt X3!

meet karen/lisa/manda/stephen/johnny at nightmarket. they are fuking retarded!! and so is fuking herman. "we're meeting at the corner corner" .. dude, there is like a million corners in nightmarket, which fuking one? god .. so fuking retarded -_-; and i will never ever refer them as my friend, they're not fuking smart enough to be one .. GOD GOD GOD! and karen started to wear makeup .. but very hidious .. she looks like a whore cept whore looks cooler .. she looks more like a monkey ass. a hideous monkey ass!! and lisa .. she looks so .. "lern" (canto) as in lame looking, dull, housewife'ish, old, grandma-like .. etc. stephen grew .. fuk i'm so short T_T ahh .. T____T; but rui said it's ok because we look cool together ^^!

we also saw janice who is officially a transexual .. ew! and IT changed ITs name into KARLSON. EW gay name, gay person .. hear she's gettin a sex change soon. everyone = freaked out

the group splitted up becuz ppl are fukin retarded aka everyone excluding rui and me X3!!! went to rui's house, he apologized for not givin me enough attenion aww <3 totally forgave him ^^ and we're gonna go window shoppin on monday after my final! wee ^_^

btw, chris was wondering why alice was always online (she's in nyc atm) 1. she said she'll get lost if she go around nyc -- BULLSHIT, PATHETIC 2. she's currently playing kingdom heart 2 -- ... no comment!! 3. she's just stupid and this answers #4-100


2006年06月21日(水) 3時19分
aw fuk, i have to leave on the 5th .. which means .. i dont get to watch the last fireworks T__T; aw crappp0Rz! this sux ... sux sux sux sux

i have to find something to do .. to "learn" .. i guess i should study japanese .. and i mean it o_o;; and plan out some outting with friends ><; i want to go swimming dammit ..

and fifa world cup -> go brazil go brazil go 2R go 2R woot woot X3!

ok .. i'm leavin on the 2nd of aug .. T__T rurururururu

ah ha ha ha ha .. *slap self* 

2006年06月20日(火) 7時24分
OKkiieee .. i thought WAY too much during last week ^^; had a date with rui yesterday it was awesome <3

at least, it felt a little awkward because .. i'm scared that he's mad or i'm mad .. or we won't have anything to say .. and he looked a lil mad >_>;; but everything went awesomely when we got to silvercity X3 shared food at spagetti factory awesome awesome. alot of funny ranting stories about his work (he was working like crazy last week ><;) i kept buggin him about the email thing .. and the other stuff .. he couldnt reply cuz he was reading my emails during work ^^; ok ok, i forgive him haha X3 then we had a choice of either the fast and the furious tokyo drift OR cars (animation) we chose the tokyo drift X3 it wasnt a bad movie .. not as bad as i thought i would be. you seriously have to see it in theater lol X3 the racing/driftin parts were awesome even tho the story was crappy!! then went over to rui's house for a bit <3 <3

hopefully i get to see him more this week T__T;; am i too obsess with him? X3

Jim Guthrie - Hands In My Pocket 

2006年06月19日(月) 3時03分
Jim Guthrie - Hands In My Pocket

Hands in my pocket
Hands in my pocket
Hands in my pockets

Hands in my pockets
Hands in my pocket
Hands in my pockets

Birds sing, Jet stream
Laser beam, I know the queen
All in a dream, Walking around
Hands in my pocket

Phone rings, melodic themes
Devious scheme, and then I scream
What does it mean, walking around
Hands in my pocket

Hands in my pocket
Hands in my pocket
Hands in my pockets

Hands in my pockets
Hands in my pocket
Hands in my pockets

Oh when I’m walking
Walking out in hopes I’d find an answer
But no matter how hard you fall
No matter how high you climb
It just gets heavy sometimes

Downstream triple cream
Surgical team, a love supreme
All the things I’ve seen
All in a dream
Hands in my pocket

Birds sing, Jet stream
Laser beam, I know the queen
All in a dream, Walking around
Hands in my pocket

Hands in my pocket
Hands in my pocket
Hands in my pockets

Hands in my pockets
Hands in my pocket
Hands in my pockets


love this song so catchy X3

got a date with rui tonite

smile :3 

2006年06月15日(木) 16時56分
OMG! the txtmsg got delayed .. by 1 day o_o; fido=gayness

ok ok, i went overboard .. and thought too much T_T;; but i can't help it and you CAN'T blame me >,<; .. cuz i said so >_>;

even if i receive a short email/txtmsg from you AND just seeing you makes me happy :3 thank you ^^;

been bumming not-so-much today. it was actually pretty chilly today. i think i accomplished alot today. chinese class was pretty fun, made some friends Saho and Tom and some other ppl who names i do not remember o_O;; quiz tmr.. must get the pinyin and tones right this time .. and NO careless mistakes T_T;;

ohh, i'm addicited to TETRIS!! been playing it on my gba for 3 days in a row .. hope u can get me out of the house sometimes .. otherwise i'm gonna be drugged by this game lol X3 even tho it's a simple falling block game, i still cant pass lv 10. lv 9 is already swooshing'ly fast lol (i dont think swooshin'ly even exist o_o;;) but mann.. u just want to pass ur last highest score.

i better get some sleep ~_~;;

it was fun talking to jenjen and luan :3 and super happy that they'll be visiting me when i'm in beijing X3

random thoughts .. again?! 

2006年06月12日(月) 12時16分
bum around, bum around the house some more ..

i feel like i changed a bit. i never cried before but now .. wow, i just can't believe it ha ha ha .. let's see .. i cried when i watching the 8th episode of Attention Please. i cried when i listened to the ost of Iryu ~Team Medical Dragon~, ALOT at the final episode of Kami wa Saikoro wo Furanai and Unfair and some random sad music. i think i should look at more happy things, think positive .. i think i'm going to wither and die if i'm keep being so pessimistic .. right? i called louis today .. i feel like i'm trying too hard, but i want an answer. i know he's busy but is it this hard to take out 1 min (i'm not even asking for 5) to write something "i'm busy, i cant come out .. etc" i shouldn't have call .. i feel even more depress after calling .. not to mention tearing up a bit .. i feel so .. stupid .. not really .. i never regret starting this relationship tho, not even when we have arugments. most of the time, i rather take the blame than just ignoring. i have to admit, i never ignore anyone before, not even friends. no one deserve getting silent treatment, i rather just talk it out or keep some distant .. i think i ignore my friend once .. hating someone is actually harder than it sounds .. the truth is, i'm scared .. scared that things won't work out .. i keep telling myself that our relation is strong but insecurity pulls me back. i just want an answer. it feels so painful without an answer. a simple yes or no, a reason, i think i can handle it. i don't know anymore *sigh* i guess i have to wait until next sunday .. meanwhile .. more bumming and thinking ..
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