March 04 [Wed], 2009, 23:02



school life is over. 

February 23 [Mon], 2009, 14:52
PRCP had finally came to an end on the 19th of february '09.
of course, giving all the thanks to the staffs nurses whom had helped me to pass this over.
without them PRCP would be a meaningless learning section in my life. (:

20th FEB went back to school for debrief and the different hospitals and universities introducing to us.
and it's also the last time we guys met in school bus stop and went into school together.
was pretty upset though,
cause it's like ain't the same anymore.
different kinds of feelings; different kinds of mood.
i seriously hope all of us could be back like last time,
so enjoy and laughing out together...

enjoyed the food together with ling, ceci and nic over at school the MAKAN PLACE.
man, the students now over there at enjoying food court food,
not the like usual "canteen" that we used to have. hahhs!

of course, took loads of pics as well over in school.

i look blur though over here. LOL.

oh darlie~ muahahaha

pretty pretty nice shot! muahaha but my face looks round though. JIANFEI!!
cailing ok huh! muahahaha!!

afterwhich we bus-ed to bugis by 61.
it's a long trip though. i fell asleep on nic's shoulder. LOLL!
and then had KFC for dinner.
we had voice but turned out to be voiceless after that meal. LOL.
headed to sim lim square and bugis street to shop for awhile.
got myself a over-sized tee though. LOL
let's wear together when we meet okok.. muahahaha.

yesterday baby boy went out with his camp mates.
he had a steam boat dinner which he is now bak tor tua tua. muahahaha!
and webcam-ed with him,
he bought so many things in one day!!! LOLL!

now it's raining so heavily;
wanna take an afternoon nap. LOL
so ciao-ssss to all and enjoy the holidays! ((:*


p.s. i wanna go taiwan so much now. )):

HAPPY "V"alentine's DAY! 

February 14 [Sat], 2009, 22:44
today is 14/02!
i guess every couples are celebrating this special day!
hope you guys didn't get affected by yesterday's 13/02. muahaha!

met up with the girls today.
met cecilia at work place to bugis. took pics on the way there.
went to "tian tian" steamboat and had a dinner feast.
had enjoyed the laughter and joy with the girls.
and we had a gift exchange ceremony!
cecilia got cailing's pressie which is bodyshop stuff.
nicole got cecilia's pressie which is a cup and a desk-mirror.
cailing got my pressie which is a cup, a fairy-wand pen and fake white rose.
and last but not least, i got nicole's pressie,
which she last minute bought it from bugis street, a tube dress. LOL!
she said she'd buy one more gift for me.
nicole! i'm waiting for it next friday ok!!! muahahaha!

today is the 3rd day baby boy is over at taiwan.
wanna blog past 2 days but afraid my eyes will be flowing non-stop of tears as i blog.
yesterday webcam-ed with dar-dar,
dar-dar you didn't know that i print screen of a cute cute face of yours!

it's cute isn't it? round round big head! muahahaha!!

and i was surprised tonight!!
suddenly i recieved 2 missed calls,
and a message saying:
"Gd evening, i'm from the florist and would like to deliver flowers to your house.
May i check if you are at home.
Thank you."
i was shocked to recieve this message and waited to home.
here is comes...

1st shot.

2nd shot.

so i shall end it here,
cheers to all! (:

lastly is...
i love you dar-dar.
thanks for your thoughtfulness and cares. ((:*


it's just hibernated. 

January 25 [Sun], 2009, 13:50
well well i'm not gone!
it's just that my blog is being hibernated for awhile.
past 2 weeks attached to the operating theatre.
it was a nice experience seeing how the workflow and so on over there.
seeing how the surgeons operate on the patients.
and also, seeing the bloody scene and smelling the fresh blood.
but indeed it had provided me a good knowledge of it. ((:
and also met a few of the nice staffs there.
but there're bad ones whom there is space for me to commented on too. =P

20th of January.
it was simply just my baby boy's birthday!

we had a "candlelight" dinner over at "chalet".

it was certainly a BIG feast!
we couldn't finish it all, sorry to all the poors,
but we have to throw them away. ):
had enjoyed staying there over the weekends! (:

and on baby boy's birthday that particular day,
we celebrated it over at FISH & Co.
he had certainly no idea about standing up on the chair,
holding on to a sparkling stick,
and FISH & Co. staffs singing birthday song to him,
making him embarrassed to all the audience. LOL!
and forcing him to dine over at FISH & Co.,
is the evil girlfriend of his,
and that's me! muahahaha!!

my birthday gifts for him were;
- iPOD shuffle;
got him this small and handy mp3 easier for him to have joggings while he's over at taiwan.
- one set of clothes.
got him great top and berms; trying best to dress him up! (:
- a big big card.
writing words from the bottom of my heart to him. (:
- last but not least,
RIVE "Mont Blanc" Birthday cake.

ehhs we couldn't finish it up,
so shared with the staffs of FISH & Co. ((:

recently had been also busying with preparations of new year stuffs.
baby boy bought me alot of stuffs for new year.
bought me
2 dresses,
a pair of jeans,
a sleeping pyjamas,
2 bags.
muahahahaahhaahhas! that's indeed alot man.. (>.<)
and i've got myself,
a dress,
and a white nike jacket for work. hahaahs!

we caught INKHEART on Friday.
it was certainly a fabulous movie.
certainly 2 thumbs up* for it!
you guys should catch it,
contains love, adventure, evil, greed, and humor. (:
headed to Chinatown too after the movie.
it was certainly given me more "kick" towards chinese new year. (:
got myself a henna on my hand. ((:

today is chinese new year's eve!
gonna have reunion dinner later on..
cant wait to have the steamboat feast my parents had prepared!
i thought i might not have steamboat for reunion dinner this year!
but lucky lucky~
i had also tidy up the house. clean and green now. ((:
and gonna go he pan today!!! can't wait!

alright last but not least,

it's been a while... 

January 01 [Thu], 2009, 21:22
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my friends!!!
hope you guys had an enjoyable celebration. (:

as for me, i've certainly had enjoyed myself with the company of my beloved boy
NICOLE! muahahaha.

initially plan was to club with my dearest baby boy.
but changed mind and went to Rochester pub to join nicole and her friends.
had fun playing games and had our very own "countdown".
had my countdown with two of the colourful lights in my life certainly is the best gift for 2009~ (:*

of course, nice pics were taken over there. (:

we headed to clarke quay and get ourselves settled over at LUNAR.
well i think this club is................ (=_=''') out of words. muahahs
and eventually people can get onto fights at such happy new year.
certainly turn out to be not very happy for them i guess. hahs

and oh! baby boy got me DIOR CHERIE fragrance as christmas pressie!

i simply lovessss it! (:*
you know i thank you very much.!!! muahahas.


sweet. (: 

December 13 [Sat], 2008, 22:30
12/12/2008. i've got a new phone!! ((:
baby boy got me a new phone!!! ((:*
and moreover, he got himself the same too!
i simply loves the new phone laaa!

and yes!
we got ourselves LG latest model;
KC910, Renoir.

the best specifications that people will exclaim is the camera.
it's a 8 megapixel camera phone,
with blink detection device, auto-focusing, and others which u need to explore to find out.
inside the box includes free 8GB external memory for you,
stylus, pouch, earpiece and etc.
M1 is having offer now,
get this phone and a free LG DVD player.

i'm having fun exploring the phone. (:
so far attachment still good.
getting more and more familiar with the work scope there.
surrounding people there are nice too;
but still, there're bad ones. hahs.
first half grading pass. thanks god! (:
9 to 10 more weeks to go!!
good luck to all my lovely friends too!
please hang on!! ((:


these days... 

December 07 [Sun], 2008, 20:59
i'm trying to survive over at prcp still.
same goes to all my lovely girls and one dearest boy too.
total having 3 checklist to accomplish. grhhhh!
wish me good luck! (:

2 weeks had been bad luck enough.
down with GE twice and...
got needle pricked injury. ):
seriously i was muddlehead enough,
to poke myself with a used vacutaner. (>_<)

great anxiety fills in within me.
few days waiting blood results to be out was seriously torturing.
wild thoughts and ideas had been appearing in my confused and twirl mind.
wild till the extend to breaking up...

thanks to baby boy...
didn't leave me to face this alone,
had been giving the the sweetest and most loving tender care..
didn't ditch me to face this alone,
accompanied me to everyday stop me from thinking such bad things.

up till the day,
results out to be negative,
but badly down with GE.
didn't had the mood to be glad about it.
doctor even suspects i might be diagnosed with
Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
which leads me to another great fear.
up other another.
i was living my life with fear for the past 2 weeks.

thanks to baby boy,
without him,
i guess my mental state,
will be ended up me with follow-ups over at...
Institue of Mental Health. hahhhs.
thank you my love, my sweet heart.. (:*

and thanks to girls,
whom had sms-ed me,
giving the support,

now i'm much better,
will be more attentive to work stuffs, in future.
and same to all my nursing friends. (:

i and starting to miss my girls already.
when are we meeting up?
sooon please!! (:


i hate that when i hate myself. 

November 20 [Thu], 2008, 13:57
friendship and love.

these 2 important categories in my life,
never fails to let me shed tears for it...

good times don't last. 

November 20 [Thu], 2008, 13:26
well. prcp had been taking the most part of my life now.
im getting to love attaching to A&E. (:
i guess i didn't post for like a couple of weeks since the last one!
today is off. thursday. with nothing to do, online is the best company.

few weeks ago certainly loads of things happened.
first of all, went to goat farm once again with dardar and lisa.
i guess lisa had loads of fun. it's her first time i think,
to have such outdoor activities.
took tons and tons of pics for it. but too bad,
yaplog doesn't allows me to upload so many of them.
only 5 at each post. =S
but it's a good point too, i don't have to upload so much!
altogether we took like around 60+, 70+ of pictures! (:
check out my facebook for the pics then. hahs.

it's my mommy's birthday!! 9/11. reminds everyone of you USA!? hahs!
but my mom is certainly not osama.
bought RIVE cake for her.
she certainly loves it.
and i hearts it too. (:

coming up next was the 1st MONTHSARY of dardar and mE!!

it's certainly my favourite!
this baby boy of mine, surprised me with blue roses!
dardar certainly have no idea about blue roses was my fav,
well, he said he trust his intuition on getting it online. LOL.

i've made this card and decorated the borders of the photoframe,
using knitted string each and each pasted on it... for him.
guess what? dardar gave me a photoframe too!
lol! a blue one. it's really shocking that we didn't even disclose about giving each other what.
and the picture inside, is the same one too! ((:*
we headed to "shokudo" located at raffles city to dine.

both are greedy enough, ordered so much food.
till we left with no choice, had to play words game,
loser will eat. hahha!

a week later,
after having buffet session over at swisshotel with my family,
dardar and me headed to marina square.
lucky enough!

i caught a big elmo!!
previously dardar tried many times.
not able to catch it. ):
though i really really really wanna him to catch one himself for me. ):

and dardar, bet with the the bridge that link from marina square to suntec is not from marina square.
and said it's link from marina square to what mandarin oriental and to suntec.
betting price:
if i lose, a kiss to him,
if i win, a chanel bag from him. HAHAS!
initially. we thought is really the one that he said.
and i though i lost! so have to save my face,
i told him, "nevermind it's ok. but still, i don't mind a chanel bag." *grins*
but after when we came out from suntec, i was right!
it just simply links from marina square to suntec!
dardar was like. OMG! chanel bag! expensiveeeee!!
but i down-graded to burberry. hahahs!
and he said next week he'll get for me. hoorrayyyyy!
but it was certainly just a joke for him........ (:

busy all night long. 

October 31 [Fri], 2008, 20:11
yeah and this is the second week of my prcp.
well well, monday was DEEPAVALI DAY.
HAPPY DEEPAVALI to all indian friends. (:

tues and wed were induction programme for us.
well well, this induction programme,
should i say it's lullaby session?
because i kept dozing off! HAHAS!
and we were having this test,
i can eventually dozed off while doing the test. (>.<)

but i had fun in between! hahs
karen (attachment mate) was real funny.
i was laughing out loud when she addressed the sister as CHER!
in the sense, short form for teacher. MUAHAHAHAHAAA!!
and then, she was the first to be our "patient" for hands on skill.

her face is uber funny right!?
she is looking so kiddishh laaa! (:
she helped me took one of this pic too,
but too ugly to show.
her shooting skills sucks. HAH!

baby boy was certainly sweet enough!
aunty visited me.
he eventually went into 711 to buy the panadol menstrual painkillers for me.
that was certainly effective!
thank you so much dardar! ((:

had off yesterday and today.
went to catch the coffin with baby boy at cine.
well, rating over at yahoo was 2/5 stars for it.
and as for me, i agreed with yahoo's rating.
seriously i'm sort of disappointed for the movie.
expected more for it.
but well, it certainly had moral of the story behind it.
so if you guys wanna know can go for a try for this movie.

went to meet dearest lady clarice.
it's been a long time since the last time only both of us met.
had a great chat with her. (:
more more to come pls!! ((:

then headed to far east to eat ramen.
2 thumbs up!* for the ramen.
it was very nice.
baby boy and me enjoyed it alot.
baby boy confessed that he initially wanna had 2nd round for it.
he was too afraid to voice out. LOL!

then headed to marina square.
baby boy tried to catch a big cutey frog toy,
sadly he didn't managed to... ):
but the toy was certainly a very very cute one, (>.<)
well well.. sadly............................

ceci initially called me up to join ernest and her for k-ing session.
well, i was too tired, so decided to reject her. sorry ceci!
next time !!

baby boy had been accompanying me these days.
we almost meet up everyday.
just to spend more time together before he heads to taiwan next february.
but my mummy and daddy always thought i'm the bad one,
whom always asked him out and made him neglecting his work.
but eventually he is having off these 2 days. (=_=''')

getting tired, shall stop here.
next saturday off! gonna head to goat farm once again! (:

till then,
lotsa loves!
xoxo. (:*