into the Royal Palace

May 18 [Sat], 2013, 10:37
> 712: red Zhong cold voice said: "You really do not want to cooperate?" Oriental Yong calmly smiled and looked at him, did not speak. WWw! QUANBen! COMiiL but the meaning was very clear. "You're just consider that you and I will lost interest in cooperation, but do you want to go, do not cooperate with me, your risk!" Red Zhong said coldly. "Brother, you threatening me?" Oriental Yong threw your hands up, "that you put your threats say it to me to see!" You know purple Hou, then you know the things of heaven, do you think I can bear got the anger of heaven? "red Zhong cold voice said. "You did not complete the task,Kristin Coach UK, that is your thing! Heaven to be shot, it will not find you!" Oriental Yong retorted. "You can think so!" Red loyalty does not recognize the Oriental Yong. Now they have been unable to agree, red Zhong stood up, went to the outside. One yīn vicious anger in him, one dangerous feeling Oriental Yong heart. Looked at him quickly out of the hall, Oriental Yong said dismissively: "We are just an agent,Purses Coach Cheap, for purple Hou, you can replace the back you to the South!" Red Zhong paused, continue to go out. Qin Wei came out, gently Oriental Yong said: "Do you want to start first to get rid of him?" Sooner or later, such as the scattered again! "Oriental Yong said flatly. Red Zhong body that kind of hostility, Oriental Yong very uncomfortable! Family inch at any time give such a dangerous person, Oriental Yong moved to kill. But this time caused so much for Purple Star Eight Diagrams strong, this time is not suitable for hands-on, hands it is possible to come up with more trouble. Qin Wei nodded. "Wait a minute Lotus to let her pay more attention to the red Zhong" Oriental Yong take into account what that up, "we know very little about that heaven, we want to understand more about some of the Tsing Yi Hou only a run errands cultivation is so strong, then the other person is not more? "Qin Wei and red demon any grudges, this naturally also very concerned, very concerned about. Red Hu'll be a good ally · We need to maintain a good relationship and her friction, to the time and the people of heaven, you can pull over to her and the family of the sea! "Xin there, asked him to convergence do?" Qin Wei asked. Oriental Yong thought, said: "We grab the city, naturally will not go back again, let Sim is a completely calm that would kill Xin elan, let Chek Zhong thought we were really afraid of him , but can not be rushed too fast, desperate red loyalty, and increase the loss of their own, but also unreasonable, so Xin can advance and retreat retreat, but do not push too fast! "Qin Wei point head · will return back. "arrangements over, Oriental Yong asked:" air-to-air and beast beast went where? "they both hang on to complete the task, and they want to be any channel inside an important post. ; let them go to a training practice! "Qin Wei said. "How not busy busy? Not channel the right to hold people directly so that they do not like the upper?" Oriental unprofessional Yong said. "Can you when to walk away treasurer, each competent jobs will need very deep understanding of low-level, in order to do a good job, but also a let others admire the ability and qualifications of the men, or on a bit, no one service , no ability, only nominal! "Qin Wei said sternly. Oriental Yong Bie Bie mouth mistaken! The next two days, Bauhinia city has been in turmoil floating, but there has been no accident, claim to be the calm in the storm. The southern line of the Pearl of the Orient, Xin one wrist is very strong Li Jiang several counterattacks are XINE blocked, but also let Li Jiang eat burned several times a day to lose a city, to the first three days, anti-Xin a play not out of the gates. In the north, the East is Red formally met the the gold wolf Empire wolf lunged soldiers, for a time, just try to block a short period of time not to end the war, the only war of resistance. In the the Bauhinia city, Oriental Yong received temperature Dutch intelligence, know red loyalty to have seen a few strong, but do not know what was said. Oriental Yong in this matter, only cautious. Five days passed quickly, Nine Stars increasing the brightest star in the sky every day you can see eight around a Purple Star, but the octagon is not too obvious. "Ridiculous, you tonight to go out?" Oriental Mu Oriental Yong asked at supper. Oriental Yong nodded. The Oriental Mu naturally know Oriental Yong advised Emperor to exit this QianNianYiYu Purple Star Bagua map, so it know Oriental Yong has joined the the pressure Po. Originally Oriental Mu want to organize family also join in, but seeing even the emperor Oriental Yong also try to restrain him, he Oriental home this time added, is inappropriate. And Oriental Yong Oriental home, if he has, naturally, he said. So do not move,Coach Handbags, the family has yù which stupid stupid move, he also suppressed. Today is the most important day, the Oriental Mu to hold carefully before asked. Oriental Yong He smiled and said: "Dad, you can rest assured, I went out to protect their own!" Cui mother-in-law look over, said softly: "Do you want to go with me?" Oriental Yong waving: "mother-in-law, you can rest assured, that a plan has been all ready, here you!" Cui mother-in-law laughed, nodded his head. After dinner, the Oriental Yong, a pedestrian from the other side of the palace, into the Royal Palace, Zhu Yonglin and temperature charge confluence. "How?" Oriental Yong asked. Temperature and the Netherlands, said: "Our worry is redundant, the ancients Cheng bully me, the Nine Stars calculus very accurate!" Oriental Yong nod, temperature and charge Qin Wei said: "You looked at me to dinner "" You did not eat? "Oriental Yong micro surprised said. "Ah, afraid trace of error!" The temperature charge micro Duzui,, said. Oriental Yong said softly: "hard work!" Temperature-Dutch face smile, "you accompany us to eat!" Oriental Yong had agreed to this request, and listen to the temperature Dutch Zhu Yonglin is not warm Dutch and Oriental Yong went half saw Zhu Yonglin is carrying a tray came see the Oriental Yong face when surprised. Temperature-Dutch victory waved, it seems that the East Yong as a trophy! "I took him to rush to, go, and we went out to dinner, Dayton these days to the most delicious meal!" Zhu Yonglin pleased smile. And two women warm supper in the hall, the Oriental Yong has been fed to, but can not live up to the mind of the two woman, and they eat together. The ...... search Si Baidu, read the latest and most complete novels <
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