January 01 [Sat], 2005, 21:26 new year...
I had a good time in Keelung during 20042005
although it's a very short time & very very cold.
I was with my honey and after counting down to 2005,
and seeing the firework we kissed.
I cant never forget how sweet at that time.never...


December 12 [Sun], 2004, 3:07

Today,I have a test--TOEFL.
It's very difficult, very difficult that I can't imagine.
But my department requires 520 degrees to graduate.
Oh no....Can I pass smoothly...
God help me la...or anyone can help...

PS: cute pic of another type again.

boring weekend but little sweet 

December 05 [Sun], 2004, 23:40
How boring this weekend I was in.
That's all because Hong is so stupid that he played the game-HEAVEN-all the time.
I really hate he does this. Really hate it.
Forget about that bothersome thing, there still have some sweet time between us.
That is ...(can't tell)

PS: But I lose my IF card, it means we can't talk often in 2 weekends la.


November 30 [Tue], 2004, 1:44
This is the story about a girl named "BEAUTY"
Pretty woman please wakes up and she goes goes goes out the door ☆
It time for show up and fight that ★
It's all you are waiting for
am I beautiful? ‘Cause I be myself
★ And they say she's so BEAUTY
She's a star.
And want real real real nature in my heart ☆
Thinking, if there's nothing losing in my life
Then, why cannot I break it out★
It's our song "Beauty" instead of "Lucky" from Britney Spears.
So wonderful to present like that
but a little upset that we have a ( little*3) promblem in music.
Anyway, Beauty guys, good job!

*Haa, go funny type today.


November 25 [Thu], 2004, 22:13
Congradution to me.
U know what? I got a very good grade on my "Japanese" exam.
Haa..it's a good news to me.
Let me feel if I want to do,I can make it.
I do believe I can pass Japanese this semester. Yes, I'll do it.
Watch it.
This pic is on the breaking time of class.
Cute ba.


November 18 [Thu], 2004, 3:01
Haa... My first time here...
See...my pic..しあわせ...
Everyday gonna be all right.
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