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I like him a lot.
Half of the people commenting on his weight and I’m just here mesmerised by the way he talks
I am in love with the fearless, fierce Andre,


This is a story of a very proud, intelligent and incredible man.Black excellence at its very best,thank you so much Sir.
oh no guuuuurl, oh noo
First of all, she should know better not to wear Uggs when it’s reaching 80° + high humidity (which was the case during the taping of this show). Secondly, she still extra. 🤔😭🤔.
This interview wasn't long enough...
he looks like he would smell bad once he takes all that off
Awesome documentary

André Leon Talley can you adopt me for a day?

Omg he’s so sweet and kind!!!!!!


I swear he is the male version of Jessye Norman

Anyone else catch Joyce's blatant side shade? Just me?!? Okur🙇🏾‍♀️🙃

Andre is someone who I’m sure has a LOT of tea to spill. I mean aged tea, honey. I’d love to have lunch with him.

Is there anyone besides me who doesn't care about this whole insult/apologize thing? Yesterday my GPS said Turn right in 1 block...Screw fat Roseanne...Turn right. WTH?'.

Vogue was a white magazine for ladies Now it's a magazine for all except white ladies

No way is this queen fluid!!!

When you have to wear a king sized comforter out in public, it's time to stop eating!!!!

Whoopi, we know what chitlins are and if we don't we'll Google it.

A legend! An ICON!

Andre wearing damn slippers

He is magnificent.

What’s really going on. André needs to get his weight and health together. XX


He didnt want to show them feet...but you been on Wendy enough times to know the deal with the shoe cam
I love you Andre😘😘😘😘
I could watch Andre all day - love him. He is an international treasure!
How the hell Andre's interview is so dang short!! He's an icon sheesh could that man have at least 15 minutes..good grief..totally blown!.
A real friend would help him with his weight issue. We can dance around the fact that he's a fashion icon....and that may be true, however. He needs to take a look at his weight. We want him to be around to help with the fashion industry. If he doesn't get his weight under control, He won't be anyone's fashion icon. IJS....

Gays, trannies and pedophiles make up the top of the fashion industry.... no wonder regular people despise modern culture....

A shrunken head on a stick would be perfect!!!!!
this was everything
Why don't you have white guests on the view always black people like the minister who married the prince and princess had to say the prince's was black who cares always bringing up.race.
the man who single-handedly brought back the caftan.
Well I will say this for him he keeps it real. I like his attitude about life.

Fascinating person and story♥️

So Jimmy Kimmel wearing black face is okay🤔🤔🤔


Hes a force of nature


i dont know how she does it, if that was anyone asking someone bout their sexuality it woulda came out awks. Shes good!!.
People always got something to say about him and Paul Mooney but they survived that aids epidemic
I'm going
Grande historia👍😀💕🌈
He is outta breath walking. Scary he needs help
“Queen Kong” - oh man. Depends with what intention she said it. When I want to make a man feel good I say: I will make you feel like King Kong baby! (Strong and studley) I guess it all depends on context..

I love him ❤️❤️
Now I need Andre to save his own life and lose some of that weight!





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