August 24 [Thu], 2006, 20:40
I've been busy this week too.... going to die

This is because I have to do the work for school and for my own study at the same time.....


Could u give me some free time for me pleeeeez?

By the way,
Today I had the discussion about UN concert which is gonna be on 20.Sep.
Actually, that concert is not that interesting... but I just want to see my friends wearing dresses special. It's only for that Night!!
I've been involved the team for "JAPANESE FOOD"
On UN day, students must bring their original foods or any traditional Japanese foods, and our team will provide this for free!! < Good news for everyone

We have only 3 weeks to go.......

FIGHT EVERYONE!!!!!(especially for people in my school)

If you'd like to make some comments on my article, u can easily click on "comments" and put some love letters for me** haha


April 25 [Tue], 2006, 19:54
I've been really busy for about recent 2 weeks... who can help me to do my hwk for me?!
You?! YOu?! YOU?!

..... no just kidding kk

I'm gonna do my math work after I wrote this article down...
soooooooo sleepy. zzzz
Give me few min to go into the dream....(- -

By the way
Last thursday, I received a paper which describes about the business assignment....... it's goona be over......4 weeks?!!? NO WAY!!!
How come? What's the purpose for doing this kind of work...
I'll never get
The topic is "Ethical and social responsibility of business"

I have totally no idea.

Maybe, I'll choose the company of "Apple computer" for doing that ass.
I know it's not easy to mention everything about Apple... but I have no choice!!
Actually, you know... I hate the teacher for my business class... just mention her name as "Ms.C"
Ms.C is tooooooo confident, and alwayz force to do something without any choices.... That's really unpleasent.. NASTY

Instead of this really bad news, I heard the good news from my friend***
Now I feel quite pleased!

Hope nothing happens until summer break starts...;)


October 09 [Sun], 2005, 23:19
I identified that a lot of people were visited here....I really surprised! Oh...Im nervous to write English in here.Please Please PLEASE BE KIND! Thank you for your cooperation anyway.

I went bowling with my family days after a long separation! Although, I have gone bowling many times since I came here, my skill still hasn't improved yet.
However....How suprised! Today I got score"150"!!
I'm totally serious...Really.
When I told that to my friend,she said "No kidding! That's unbelievable!"

T H A T ' S T R U E ! !

You guys should be kind for me,ok?
I was exausted from the bowling.... I need to sleep well tonight...

Private message:
>Sandy(Good girl)
I noticed sms from you a short while ago....!! I'm so sorry about that,and I'll miss you every single second, too! See you on next monday~ Enjoy your holidays*

Let's start! 

October 09 [Sun], 2005, 0:39
Hello,everyone. Thank you for seeing my blog"What's up guys?".
I'll begin to write about my daily life in this blog.
This is because I'd like to improve my writing and learn more vocabularies as much as I can. My English skills are quite poor...
Anyway,I'm sorry for my poor English→for all people who speak English well
Please be kind to see my terrible writing.....
I need to practice a lot!Oh my heaven!

I ate the pizza for dinner near the Holland Village.That was really great! It can be my best pizza,because I have never eaten a pizza like that.
I recommend you that strongly.
If you need more information about that,please ask me.(people should be in Singapore)
I'm looking forward to receive your message.

Thank you.
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