Dynamic Analysis of Advanced Belt Conveyor

July 21 [Sat], 2012, 17:49

Henan Hongxing Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Asia on belt conveyor produced by the use of advanced technology, products after years of research, production, practice, so that the company"s leading product technology belt, reliable performance, the most important is the core technology Summer Island belt technology makes breakthrough in the industry-leading position. New belt conveyor has the following advantages:

1, no-key drive pulley connected, simple, uniform torque transfer, disassembly and maintenance quick and easy, roller manufacturing process is simple.

2, the drive roller welding using single-sided welding, a molding technique, weld strength, good quality.

3, reducer according to user requirements, can be configured Hardened reducer, reducing the installation size, lower noise, transmission quality.

4, the use of stamping roller bearing, light weight, rotation resistance, the use of DTII type roller structure, good sealing performance.

5, according to the actual situation of the middle frame, can be floor or hanging method, adaptable.

6, roller group and the connection can be used to plug the middle rack form, simple structure, easy installation.

7, according to user requirements, configure the appropriate electronic control equipment, electronic control means advanced, reliable, and can achieve the protection belt deviation, coal-bit protection, smoke protection and other comprehensive protection.jaw crushers:http://www.china-mills.com/p6.html
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8, the frame is DTII type structure, the structure is simple, reasonable force, to save material, easy installation.

9, according to the force, choose the appropriate brakes, backstops and tensioner device and reasonable layout, the equipment is running properly, and reliable.

10, the device components are used in advanced belt use standard parts, standard high degree of interchangeability.

Hongxing Heavy breaker, the key technologies of high-power belt conveyor, belt conveyor which is constraining the development of large-scale core technology. On the Island has developed a belt conveyor Hongxing dynamic design methods and applications, in large conveyor on the conveyor dynamic analysis of dynamic tension and dynamic monitoring and reduce the safety belt system, greatly extend the service life to ensure the conveyor operating reliability. Summer Island makes long-distance belt conveyor, large-capacity operation possible, greatly improving the operating efficiency of production, is an updated alternative to the current conveyor necessary equipment.

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