boring x n .. shit!

September 11 [Sun], 2005, 19:34
很不爽.. 今天悶著過美好的星期日.. omg ..shit!!!

真的有點嬲tim.. !!!

.. 沒有 mood ..!! sadly! poor me ..!

juz do my hw today T^T god ..i miss u =3=

FRi - Sat 之事

September 10 [Sat], 2005, 0:33
Fri :

今日好累ar ...不過都好的 ,因為Fri =)

tmr放假 ,, 早上我看見到"他",好delighted!!

he sit in front of me > v <

i don"t know why ... i very hope can talk to him ..omg ..why?!

in fact ... i have kept look for him started in f.3 =]

i think he don"t know ...coz at that time .. i sit on downstair of the bus "

he sit on upstair ... i juz can see him when he dismount ..

at sch , no any special thing ar , such like weekday - -"

thats all ..

Sat :

今日同左gapon去右一城 ,he help me take lesson for maths ..XD gd!

& thx!

再補Sun - Tueday *=v="

September 04 [Sun], 2005, 22:24

=9月4日= (Sun)

today i went to church with gm and ...on..

he said ng go originally ..but at last ,he waited me downstairs,

i also had a little bit hate him...

and ... i felt him trouble!!

i love u ...GOD!!!

hope u can always bless me =)

=9月5日= (Mon)

today i forgot to bring history and maths book ..

luckyly ,techers said nvm and bring it next lesson ..=)

i ws very fast back home ar ~ 12:45 left*

12:5 finish ma ,. i also felt sleepy on the bus ..

=9月6日= (Tue)

today morning = =" so antic

when i by the lift ..really 32 floor ...

not going down ><" is going up ... i don"t know that ..

then .. when going down 32floor ...

smallwest hby same lift too .. he said

"where i come from ..why i am not not 32floor ..?"

haa .. i don"t know too la i can"t ans him ..and also 串"ing me {プンスカ}

hun!!! don"t be so happy!

i will be back ..XD

after i go to sch single .. yesterday have derb with me ..

i have bought sweater lu .. ok la ...

i think i will wear it not anymore ..XD

after sch ,i went to lulu home play =) , we chat together and play cam ..


SAT +補st&nd day *)

September 03 [Sat], 2005, 17:27
補記 :

=9月1日= (THUR)

today is school open day

um any special feeling ..

juz feel our class have a little strange ,haa

maybe we were not understand each side la ,

and my class teacher ,fds ,room ,, etc ..both different jor lu ..
i hope we can itimate in the future

i sit next to ar sui ,quite gd!!

and i sit in (near the window) start no 2row"and no4 *)

i see the table have two words"加油!"

is it say to me ..XDD thx!

ar ,,actually today sch start at nine ,but i arrived at half past eight left ..omg!

and finish sch at ten -0- play me?! ..

today juz gave us some note of reply .. for my lovely father ..XD

=9月2日= (FRI)

today start open the head four lessons "day one

omg ...we went to the hall and listened to three principals ...

so boring ..but no any way la ... juz look like well-behaved student ,

i am so fortunatly ar -v-

coz i did"t go to the band deal with tuition ..

but miss歐said we can Monday give her ==v


=9月3日= (SAT)

sad ... give a bad people make me angry

i don"t want to mention it la! i dislike people cheat me!!
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