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Shi Jin, Chen of the two fighting for some time, saw horses roaring kick, the hands of Arsenal, Qiangdao between,

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the anti-aircraft every masking. Between the two fighting to the deep, the history of selling into a flaw, so Wang

Chen of the gun pit of the stomach in the Shuo, the history of flash back into the confused, Chen Dian up and into

the arms to the gun. Shi Jin Qingshuyuanbi, New Zealand and the wolf suspected waist, just one embrace, gently pick

up the Chen mosaic from the saddle, Xu Xu grabbed the line shoulder, lost in the horse before the

surrender. Cloth and horses may also wish to call that went the wind. Shi Jin Chen Da bondage called Zhuangke to

the. A catch all the little Minions, are gone. History back into the village, and will be tied up in court Chen

heart pillar, waiting for the two Zeishou took first serve, together Jieguan rewards. And wine to reward the

people, the right to teach and scattered. Crowd Encore: "So live up the Shida Lang Hero!" Said Sue happy people

drinking, said Wu Zhu, YANG two, is Zhaili suspicion, uncertain. And teaching the little underling go snooping

news, I saw people go back, holding an empty horse, ran to the Piedmont, just shouted: "hard it is! Chen brother

does not listen to two brothers said, give their lives!" Wu Zhu asked the reason. Preparation of small Minions,

said a confrontation, how when Shijin Ying Yong. Wu Zhu said: "My words do not listen, if we had this trouble."

Yang Chun said: "We give all go, and he died and how?" Wu Zhu said: "is not. He is still from the lost, how do you

and may he before. I have a hard count, if not save him, you and I are off. "Yang Chun asked:" How hard dollars?

"Wu Zhu Yan, said the low pay for the ear:" Save only Nende. "Yang Chun said:" Good account ! me and you will go,

is desirable. "talk is Zhuang progress on the history of anger disappeared, I saw Zhuangke fly reports:" cottage in

the Wu Zhu, Yang Chun was unsolicited. "Shi Jin said:" Hop off Zhesi ! I taught him two first serve Jieguan. Malays

who held fast. "side of the playing Clapper, people are coming back. Into the history of the horse, awaiting the

Zhuangmen, saw Wu Zhu, Zhuang Yang Chun has come before the walk. Two both knees, were holding two tears. Malay

history into the next shouted: "You two kneel down to say?" Wu Zhu cried: "Villain of three, tired, forced by a

lawsuit, forced up the mountain Lacao. Had vowed and said: 'not seeking the same date, only wish the same day

death. 'was not as related, Zhang, Liu Bei's loyalty, and its heart is the same. Today, a good brother does not

listen to words of Chen, mistakenly committed Tiger, has been a hero Qinzhuo in Guizhuang, pleaded no meter. and

died this to a runoff . I hope the hero will be three, out of Jieguan rewards, vow frown. I requested the other

hand to the hero died, the heart does not complain. "Shi Jin listened, wondering:" They direct change of position

loyalty! If I Take him to the Jieguan rewards, the anti-hero who taught the world do not laugh at my hero. ancient

times: "The Beast V do not eat meat. '"History into the sidewalk:" you two and come with me. "Wu Zhu, Yang Chun

heart without fear of confidence, with a history until after the hall into the front to kneel. And teach history

into bondage. Shi Jin cried five times three times, those two up there, willing, Xi Xing Xing Xing Xing, knowledge

hero hero . Shi Jin said: "You being so deep loyalty, if I sent you, not a hero. Chen I put up also how do you? "Wu

Zhu said:" Hugh was the hero into trouble, it improper stability. We prefer to go Jieguan rewards. "Shi Jin said:"

how to make! What will you eat my food and wine? "Wu Zhu said:" Death is still a natural fear, not to mention wine

and meat or Down? "At that time into the history of rejoicing, after the liberation of the Office of attendance for

Chen Da, Zhijiu set seats, pipes to be three. Wu Zhu, Yang Chun, Chen Tak Bai Xie Daen. Wine to a few cups, add a

small spring. Wine stop, three Xie the history of forward, back to the mountains to go. Zhuangmen sent into the

history, from the village on the back.
Said Wu Zhu and the others go to the Zhaizhong sit down, Wu Zhu said: "We are not bitter account of this, how was

life here. Although a person saved, but also for the loyalty rarely put into the history of us. A few days prepared

to send these gifts, to thank him for the help of ex. "Xu Fan, then off, over ten days, Wu Zhu and the others pick

up gold bar was thirty-two garlic, so two small Minions, while sent on the night Shi Jia Zhuang on. Chugeng night

hours, a small Minions knock on the door. Zhuangke reported to enter the history. Shi Jin Huo Ji chlamydia, came to

the door, and asked the little underling has even saying. Small Minions: "The three leaders and again thanks to

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review, specifically to enable small schools to send some gift to pay Xie Dalang grace not to kill. Do not refuse,

begging laugh hope to stay." Remove the gold, delivery and Shi Jin. Refuse at first, times wondering said: "If

sent, return gift can be paid." Affected by the gold, called Zhuangke Zhijiu tube to be small schools. Ate the

middle of the night wine tour to some bits and pieces of small silver went to school back to the mountains. Then,

after more than half, Wu Zhu and the others in the Zhaizhong deliberations, looting was a string of big beads, but

also the history of the small Minions Chuang sent on the same night. History into the subject, and mention.
Then, after a half months into the history of wondering said: "I have respect for these three rare! I have prepared

some presents back to the instructions from him." The next day, called Zhuangke find a tailor, from the county to

buy three red brocade, Jin Ao Zai collar cut three, and pick the three fat sheep cooked, and got the big box.

Committee to send two Zhuangke. There is a history into the village for the first of Zhuangke King IV. This person

pretty well agreed to rulers, to facilitate tongue, full of village people call him when cyberspace. History

teaches him into an effective Zhuangke, picked a box Tam, straight to the foot of the mountain. Preparation of fine

little underling asked, diverted to the cottage where met with Wu Zhu and so on. Three chieftains overjoyed by a

Sheep Jin Ao Zai and wine ceremony, to reward the Zhuangke hundred pence per person to eat a dozen bowls of wine.

Shonai return down the mountain, met with Shi Jin, said: "hill chieftains, a lot on the cover." Shi Jin and Wu Zhu

and the others since often ties, time is only four to the cottage where the king to send some kind. Not the day,

camp leaders and also frequently in people with history of sending gold to enter.
Time flies, when the case of August is coming. Shi Jin and three to speak. Village on the night comes around to the

fifth full moon to drink. The first four someone to deliver a letter to the king Zhuangke please book straight to

the mountains, please ZHU Wu Shaohua, Chen Da, Yang Chun to village on marriage.
Four-Chi Wang runoff to the cottage in the book, saw the three chieftains, down to the book. Wu Zhu read,

overjoyed. Three answer, then write a book back and enjoy the king of four hundred fifty-two money, eat a dozen

bowls of wine. King looked to have mountains, is bumped as usual to get some kind of small Minions, hugged, where

client was incensed. And the roadside village of Mount dragged the hotel, eat a dozen bowls of wine. Farewell to

the king four-phase return to village, side walking, are mountain winds, the wine is coming in, wave wave stagger

stagger, a step Britain. Zou Bude miles of road, see Block, woods, ran inside, soft and thick green sedge looked at

the ground, rushed to collapsed.
Ji-labeled rabbit originally under the sheets Cacalia is the hill, know is the history of Wong Chuang four, rush

into the woods to help him move out there to pull. I saw the king in four prominent silver to take the buck. Li Ji

wondering: "The Zhesi drunk, there was a lot of discussion. Why not get him some." Tian Gangxing together is when

the party the opportunity to give birth naturally. Ji-solutions that take the buck, look underground only flick,

that letter back to the books and money are shaking out. Li Ji picked up, rather know a few words when one will

open the book, see Shan Wu Zhu says little, Chen Da, Yang Chun, the middle and the text with more than a language

of force, did not know was, only know three a name. Li Ji: "I do hunters and when to thrive. Fortune that I am a

big profit this year, but in here. Huayin county see a thousand of his three suspects captured consistently

gratuities. Thereupon into the history of resistance to that fellow, the day before yesterday I went to his village

Lang B on the hill to find short, he came into my head relative to the foot plate hakama. fell and the suspects to

and from your original. "silver, and books away, and look to the first Huayin county.
Said Zhuang Ke Wang Si sleep two more straight to sleep, wake side, and saw the moonlight shines on the body

slightly. Four king surprised, jumped to his feet. Surprised to find four sides are pine trees. When we go to touch

the waist, take the buck and books are gone. Looked around to find when I saw the empty take the buck in the sedges

on the ground. Wang Si just crying, thinking: "The money does not matter. Zensheng to this book was a good back! Is

I do not know who took them to be even?" Brow of a longitudinal, got the idea. Self said: "If the home village, and

said back off the book, Dalang inevitable impatience, is determined to catch me out. Than just say there have been

back to the book, where the personal note." Care about the set, flying may also wish to take on the road

Guilaizhuang . But good weather just before dawn.
Shi Jin Jian Wang four back and asked: "How had just come back?" Wang four: "prop master Fook Yum, Zhaizhong client

was incensed, not the three chiefs, retaining the middle of the night to eat the king four wine, so come back

late." Shi Jin asked: "What had the book back?" the king four: "the three leaders and to write back to the book,

but it is a small humanitarian: Since the quasi-three leaders and to the marriage, why should return to the book.

villains have a glass of wine, on the road fear beneath sticks out of line, not playing at. "Shi Jin heard

rejoicing, said:" live up the Morohito known as cyberspace, with truly amazing. "king of four should be:" The

villain dare worse later on the road did not live in the foot, has been run back on the village. "Shi Jin said:"

So, to teach people to serve the county to buy some fruit wine case. "feel to the Mid-Autumn Festival. Seimei is a

good day. Into the history of the family Zhuangke day allotments, a bamboo slaughtered a sheep, chickens and geese

to kill ten hundred and prepare food and wine feast. Night to take a look at the sky. How can one say that good a

lantern? See, however: the beginning of a long night, the evening had been half a month hanging like silver. Ice

tray as bright as day, enjoying being pleasant. Shadow is satisfactorily clear, sweet-scented osmanthus rabbit

cross-Xin. Cage curtain of high volume, frequent drinks upon Gold, laughter He peacefulness. When this festival

every year, Ming Ding drunk Xunxun. Do the final evening speech to drink, silverside Revlon new.
Let us now turn mountains ZHU Wu Shaohua, Chen Da, Yang Chun three chieftains, allotments small Minions guard

Zhaishan, with only three to five companions, to the Pu Dao, the cross-port waist knife, do not ride a horse, walk

down the hill, the difference came Shi Jia Zhuang on. Then into the history, the Xuli strike, please enter the

backyard. Shonai has arranged the feast. Please enter the history of the three chiefs that sit on the seats

Xiangpei into history. He called after Zhuangmen Zhuangke chained to one side drinking. Shonai Zhuangke turns to

light, while cutting the sheep to persuade wine. Wine to a few cups, foreseen from the east to push it round the

moon. But see: Osmanthus Qiao from the sea, clouds scattered leaves Tianqu. According to Wan Choi Ha as silver, Su

Ying Qianshan Things soul. A cool-hoi, to clarify the sub-universe; universal mission Luan, mapping to bringing

heaven and earth. Shadow cross the wilderness, the shock alone places the crow; irradiating Pinghu, according to

double the habitat of geese. Moon grind out the three thousand, four hundred rabbit swallow the state level.
Shi Jin and three chiefs are drinking in the backyard, enjoying Autumn, the old narrative, then the new statement,

only to hear the sound wall shouted, torch chaos tomorrow. Shi Jin was shocked, jumped up, allotments: "Friends of

the three yin and sit and wait for me to see." Hejiaozhuangke Do not open the door, drop-bar ladder, playing a look

on the wall when the saw is Huayin County Xian Wei on the horse, both cited the head, with three or four hundred

mbt chapa caviar black men's shoes

soldiers, surrounded the courtyard. Shi Jin and the three chieftains just complaining. Outside the torch light, we

see Fork, Pu Dao, Wugu fork, ask a guest to stay to live, like Ma Lin was placed in general. Both head and mouth

shouted: "Do not take a strong thief!" Is not into the history of the group and the three chieftains Laizhuo,

partakers Education: History into kill one or two people, met dozens of heroes, row Activity Hebei, straight to

meet together Plough to evil. Lu Hua who taught deep stationed themselves directly, the leaves shade the rule the

ocean. History, after all, get out into the three chieftains Zende? Let's hear next time decomposition.

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