Partridge days: knowledge

March 07 [Mon], 2011, 2:05
Lin Chai door strokes off the world Hong coach wreck

Partridge days: knowledge

Gao Feng Ju Yi Ting ages, heroes do worthy surprise. Zhishen not die to save Lin, Chai Jinyan be good at large

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Were violent, ferocious horses, meet more of Specialization Art. Expand Dragon Tiger hands tied, to move

mountains across the sea of people fighting.

Xue was raised saying stick to his hands, his head would look Lin pixia come. Just at that time, fast and

Xue's stick just lifted up, I saw pine trees behind the sound of thunder may also wish to draw the line iron

Buddhist monk's staff to fly in the future, and divides this Shuihuo Gun, cast to the winds. Come out of a fat

monk, cried: "Sajia listen to you for a long time in the woods!" Look at the two Gongren monk, wearing a collar

straight Duo Soap cloth, cross a Jiedao, filed Buddhist monk's staff, round up and play two Gongren. Lin had just

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watched out of the way when is Lu Zhishen know. Lin quickly exclaimed: "Brother, can not start, I have something

to say." Zhishen hear, accept this Buddhist monk's staff. Two Gongren spent a long while, not moving dread. Lin

said: "non-dry him two things, full of Gao Yu Hou allotments to land two of his Gongren, against me life. His two

are truly in accordance with him. If you can be imputed to him two, is also wrong. "Lu Zhishen pulled Jiedao, the

bamboo is cut off, he propped Lin, called:" Brother, I since that day you buy one phase after another. Sajia

concerned with your pain. Since you are subject to a lawsuit, I and nowhere to rescue you. find out you off with

Cangzhou, Sajia in Kaifeng ago, and found him not. has heard people say that prison room in the envoy. See also

the bartender to please two Gongren said: 'shop A Husband to find words. 'this Sajia suspicious, put you high.

Zhesi who fear harm you the way. I specially like the future. see these two group of birds, go with your

accesible, Sajia also in that store break. night to do God heard that fellow two ghost, to make your feet soup.

then I will kill these two group of birds. inn Azeri been more fear of harm saved. Sajia see Zhesi are not

pregnant kind, the more you put no less than. you go out there before dawn, Sajia first defected to the woods, the

other two group of birds killed Zhesi. He come here to harm you, just kill Zhesi two. "Lin advised said: "Since

the brothers saved me, you harm him off two lives." Lu Zhishen shouted: "You two group of birds, Sajia not see

brothers face when you do these two have cut meat! and Look skinned brother, spare the lives of you two. "jumped

the Jiedao on there, shouted:" You two group of birds related to Sajia to quickly mix brother!! "put a Buddhist

monk's staff go first. There are two Gongren dare answer, just call: "I save two Forest coach." Before the back by

parcel, to mention Shuihuo Gun, holding Lin, and for him B25F the parcel, together with the woods to. Firms to

three or four years away, see a small hotel in the village. Into four to sit down. Look store, but see: Main
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