is badOuYangLei brain FaMu

October 26 [Wed], 2011, 1:51
ZhouDongXing saw him speak not like just at the moment at the start of the polite, mouth let justice took over, obviously is obvious said, if
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their range, then at through the legal way to solve. In order to OuYangLei such a little people, should let the old fox took out so much

determination to, to say that not one issue, now is killed ZhouDongXing believed.
Fundus a flicker of haze, and was about to say something, but might as well OuYangLei suddenly openings on the way: "the nie, I'm sorry, sir.

I want to let you down. I won't go to day in the resignation, sincere, this just to get a small business, for your comments ZhiYu of love, I only

saying thanks. Besides, I myself know oneself skill, probably hard to arrange you qualified for the job. The last interview, but this is a tricky

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just, said something. This, in my once worked in the unit, have very clear show up. Please Mr Nie understanding. More"
NieTianCheng smile sudden jiang lived.the, faces with surprise. ZhouDongXing is also YiZheng slightly, it is simply not as you imagine. So, is

this OuYangLei really is what talent to become? He said interview tricky, and how did that happen?
His heart turn that time many, is badOuYangLei brain FaMu, rao is his wife influence by neo-confucianism mentality, faint have superior to

the above all the consciousness, but after all, he is still at this moment a mortal. Not between against suddenly find themselves very
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dismissive of the mouth, unexpectedly is a man of character above under ten thousand, is also have to stay on the spot live.
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