cleaned the room

February 14 [Tue], 2012, 20:51
QIN Yu clean up the dishes, cleaned the room, but have not been how to sleep, from time to time to look around here, for fear

that beam out of taking advantage of them do not pay attention to. She knew that the beam temper, just go out is definitely

to find that guy hard. But that guy didchanel outlet mess with the family rich and powerful, often more than a dozen men guard around ...
Beam wake up the next QIN Yu they had quiet, it is estimated asleep. QIN Yu odd jobs very hard to get up at 5:00 every

morning to Liu stall odd jobs to dry down more than 4:00. This is the Beam insist on keeping QIN Yu till night, or longer.
Wake up, the beam can no longer sleep in the bed over and over again. Head is full of things, a moment think that big chest

no brains Xiao Ling, while they thought QIN Yu, that bully Li colon ...
Finally thought of a 10 000 less to spend sister, that too as soon as possible on. Beam Although it is not to save money, but

there are still many profitable path. The past few years removed from the Huadu, he also break some of the name of the road

at the head. Not daring Ganpin dry those underworld intrigue, he was playing the car. Although he is of fat build, but it is

a racing expert, whether it is a motorcycle, or car, rare in the flower city car on the black market failure records.
These racing bet, each winning or losing in the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Have several thousand reward time

as a driver, he won the last money to buy air
chanel outlet conditioning is racing earn back. He boasted with Five racing thing is to hear

this thing, QIN Yu inadvertently anger a few days later, ignored him, and resolutely does not allow him to participate in

this dangerous underground racing activities.
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