ays of the evil wa

March 28 [Wed], 2012, 17:35
Timid people, afraid to see the scene in the grid, will be fainted.
Person cut into lumps of - common!
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Piece of it? Or up and down the missing, to go out into the combination of pieces?
In the mouth below the eyes, nose in the head, such a spectacle, for fear of wonders and some comprehension sector, but also a rare, do not blame Wei YORK

Chuxian Shi stupidly.
Words, the comprehension of those die. Really strange, nothing is there.
Can leave the dead bodies, it is most kind. Decapitated, be regarded as a good character. Fragmented total also be clearly seen in the appearance is not it? To say

the worst, or Xingshenjumie, disappeared in the earth, even waste products are left no less.
Speaking Xingshenjumie have to talk about the tragedy, but a step paradise, step the hell!
Or asking for the moon. Soaring day, or die under the robbery Ray ashes!
Robbery Ray's daunting, it is because this feature.
Any comprehension for those who die can by virtue of the round wins, get a second chance. But people can not die in the lightning under, it is the nemesis of all evil

ways. Walk, is the evil ways of the evil ways.
How to win someone else's body, strangled his soul, Quechaojiuzhan not evil then what is it?
The reason why the the death of Lu Mingyuan, Fang Yiru interested in is to find out, Blu-ray burning lightning, in the end to what extent? !
Ray, he is unable to do so that the monks of the end of Dan Xingshenjumie, but apparently, Blu-ray burning done, and do it easily.
Another point, he looked up at less than
The are Pizhong, the wound are an anxious blur, can Lu Mingyuan "incision, neat, and even until this moment, slowly oozing blood to
Can lightning movement, such as razor, Blu-ray burning, not strong!
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