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July 06 [Wed], 2011, 17:33
knock off coach bags Campaign, though not large, but it is a bloody death, to die juxtaposition, opposite the blade, he took the Burmese army fought a big battle, but the position of absolute dominance, but also very brave, not afraid of sacrifice. They only keep Mengdui, in order to ensure the smooth flow of the lifeline, so vow to fight a last-ditch. We are no way out, no way out, home of the resurrection, and hope for the survival fight blaze a new trail.

Laos, Myanmar soldiers occupy a favorable terrain, infantry artillery together, playing around enough, eyes closed we can not lift their heads hit. They have a Soviet-made 120 mm heavy mortars, such weapons in World War II, Nazi Germany was hit panic-stricken, with US-made 12.7 mm large-caliber machine gun, which is used against tanks, the aircraft, long range, through through strong. For a time we hit your head decumbent not rise, as is the surrounding rock, like a heavy hammer smashed, into the air and fall bash our heads in the body. But they did not dare step out of the camp, we use the machine gun tightly blocked their way, so a stalemate.

The enemy's firepower was too strong, our positions on smoke everywhere, houses destroyed, trench collapse, around the same as on fire. And worse, they are all hiding in the woods or carving castle, no heavy weapons do not do nothing to them. Become a "dwarf on the Han" We are only beaten up. I just looked up, put a shell knocked a tree, a soldier hit him in beside me, and that the soldiers will not hum, alas, and get me a look of blood, I flew at about ambition who thought I was killed cried: discount coach bags

"Captain, the expense!" He shook his team quickly climb up to me I was relieved to see I open my eyes, then cursed Chen Dazhi:

"What blind, captain of the security is given to you friends, you must use to keep the captain of your life ..." ambition a false alarm, looked at me still alive, laughing:

"Captain, you do not Siya! We educated youth can not do without you, live like!"

I hurriedly asked:

"What teams, there were no casualties?" cheap coach bags

"Was killed a few wounded, I let comrades were evacuated to the rock behind her back, just so dry Hao Zhao is not the answer?" Ambition quickly:

"Captain, you do not I bring a few people to the breaking!" I'm busy to stop, said:

"I know that educated youth is very brave, but we do not do unnecessary expense."

I looked at the enemy camp behind the cliff, which is wonderful terrain can be used, what people said on busy:

"What team were you a bit more around to the cliff, cut some more trees lit, push to the enemy camp to go, fire burned the dog days, etc. Guodong one, we started to attack!" ... coach bags discount
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