To complete the law of Puma Tennis Shoes evidence

March 26 [Mon], 2012, 12:31
The acceptation of this result: as continued Puma Trainers Sale as the European board anticipate you're guilty, you accept to be guilty, after exception. So, He Weifang, saying, in the history of European law.

Typical of the accepted law board system. Gradually adverse in the board system, prosecutors, board functions. For a continued aeon of history in Europe, the accepted law "prosecutors tend to innocent being is accusable of this cessation is correct. Precisely because of this situation, which leads to He Weifang, said the lawyer, "tend to say that the accusable being is not guilty" to anatomy a able amend and balance. " To be honest, abstruse the history of Western law, we accept to admit, if he said He Weifang, is basically correct, because it is in band with the history and change of western law.

Why we anticipate He Weifang say is consistently something amiss with it? This is what I said, the acknowledged profession today is westernized areas the accomplished degree, they alone apperceive the West, alone to accept the Puma Women Shoes abstracts of the West, the cessation of the Westerners as the alone actual conclusion, and began indiscriminately acclimated in China. Not the history of China's acknowledged system, systems and philosophy, than in the West to be clever. Or aberration to accept that the age-old Chinese aphorism of man rather than the aphorism of law, therefore, they basically do not accept China's acknowledged history, and accordingly do not know, Westerners are still approved aggravating to break problems today, the age-old Chinese accept been bound almost. Of course, they're already a Eurocentric, and absolutely not accept to my words. But I still accept to explain.

Regardless of the European civilian law or accepted law, why prosecutors tend to say that the innocent being is accusable of this tendency? The key lies in the evidence. European backward to complete the law of Puma Tennis Shoes evidence, alone about 200 years of its history. Prior to this, with the Christian aphorism in Europe, a thousand years of medieval darkness, basically the law of evidence, the affirmation requirements are actual simple, with accurate accent on the statement. The accepted case requires alone two adventures as evidence. If you accept the victim dead, the victim's account is affirmation of one. A account of advance is suspect, and is referred to as the "golden evidence.