Almost finish!!! 

2005年03月01日(火) 15時50分
I'm going to go to Japan this Thursday. Because I don't have time, I need to ensure any contract in Canada. Especially the contracts involved in money are very important. Today I made sure my housing contract and some trouble was clarified.

The contract between me and housing office is that if I leave the house before the end of the term, I have to pay $500. Even though I have a special reason to return to Japan, I have to pay $100.

In my circumstances, I have to return to Japane because of some interview. It's not under my control. So I believed that I had to pay only $100. But they didn't accept my request. They suggested that the special reason means very serious and urgent situation, for example, I am affected with a serious illness, someone special is dead, and so on. So they hardly ever accept our request. Of course, they didn't accept my request. I have to pay $500. I couldn't believe them.

But I can get a refund because I spent only 2 months here. I already paid money for staying here for 4 months, so they have to refund some of my money.

I showed one of the contracts, but generally they are involved in money. Because of language barrior, it is very difficult to understand some of these stupid contracts. I have one more contract involved in money. This is a bank account. I'll close my account tomorrow and hopefully some stupid problem won't occur.

hardly updated? 

2005年02月09日(水) 15時41分
Hi guys,

Have you all been waiting for today's diary? Sorry, sorry. I never forget you guys' eager encouragement to upload this diary, but... yeah... just... I am idle. Ummm... I need to be composed now.

OK... I'll write what I did today.

I got up early, but slept again, got up again, ate banana, drank coffee, then went to university. And... finally I bought a fright ticket. That was more expensive than I thought. ... Let me get what happened straight. Oh, I just remenbered. I guzzled cold juice and had a stmachache, then went to a washroom. While suffering from the ache, some one came to the washroom with singing and telling something by himself.

Sorry I have nothing special... I'll disapear...


really hard, but good 

2005年01月25日(火) 11時59分
I've been busy recently. Now pretty sleepy. I'll write something to report tomorrow or so. Why did I write out this meaningless diary? Because of just my present feeling. That's why.

Thinking in English and reading English articles and speaking in English and listening to English are really difficult and hard but cool. I've been in Canada for 5 more months, but I've never contacted with English in relaxation. Sometimes I performed something with depending on Japanese, but that was the worst style to study English. It was a little bit late to recognize that, but I've been trying.

I emphasized English, but English is not the most important study for a exchange student. This is just my opinion, someone doesn't think so. But I think most exchange students concentrate their mind on just English. Their studies are focused on just English. Is this right? I think studying something special with English is the essence of studying abroad. What do you think about this?

Time has been going on quickly... 

2005年01月09日(日) 15時03分
9 days has already gone in this year. I have only about 7 weeks to stay in Canada. When I return to Japan, I'll do almost same things as what I did before going to Canada. Life is like a rut. We have about 80 years to live, but how many things can we do? Maybe we can count how many things I did and I will do. I think life is like a rut. Now I live in Canada. I eat, sleep. study, watch movies, talk to my friends, enjoy games, and something. I did all when I lived in Japan. Is my life different? Only English? But I don't have many situations that I speak English. I can live here without English. If I didn't use English, my life would be almost same as life in Japan. But I don't hope so. Now I'm forced to speak English by myself. I don't know if what I'm doing is correct. Now I don't know why I came here? I sometimes think what I'm doing now could be done in Japan. What was the elated feeling that I had before coming here? I don't know??? How many different things from what I did in Japan can I do here?

Actually I'm typing with drinking beer. I couldn't make what I want to say clear in this diary. But I can say, I have to find what I want to do or should do any time. Time will be gone soon. That's why I don't like time very much!

Lectures beginning 

2005年01月05日(水) 14時35分
Today is the firast day of winter term 2005, but I finished my final project today. That should be submitted by last year, but I got the professor's admittion to submit today. But that made me so uncomfortable.

I'll return to Japan at the beginning of this March. I can stay here for only 2 months. Before coming here, I thought I would study about my research in winter term, but now I strongly hope to study in Canadian education. So I registered for 4 courses today. I keep on studying in classes. Of corse, all courses are very concerned with my research. I'm sure these help me research well.

In Japan, 4 courses is not many. But in Canada, 4 is normal because each course are pretty hard. I can say 4 is too much for international students. But I need to be strict with myself. I don't have enough time, so I'll study hard for 2 months in Canada. I don't know why, but I can believe myself now. That is one of the most important things that I get here.


2005年01月01日(土) 14時19分
A Happy New Year

I owe any success in 2004 to anyone's helps . Thank you so much!

I hope to be with this groove this year, too! I was so keen to start this year happily, and I think I could! (Actually now I'm studying my final project... but I don't care about this!)

I'll try to make this page so hot, so keep on reading my English page!

Have a good year!!!


2004年12月31日(金) 14時06分
Hey guys,

I returned to Waterloo yesterday midnight. Let me tell you, it was raining...! I believed it would be snowy and windy and like a hell. But what was that whether? It was not too cold! At that time, it was heavy snow in Japan. That'll give you a some idea, Japan was colder than Canada...!

Mexico was so cool and I got much satisfaction. I have many things to tell you and show you, so I'm making another Web page. Coming soon!


2004年12月20日(月) 5時59分
I can say that today was real real winter.

Snow was not much and sunshine was very beautiful, but it was less -10 degrees and windy. The inside of my nose was frozen and cold wind harmed my face. It's hard to only stay outside for 5 mintes.

I can say this is real Canada.

Tickets to Mexico! 

2004年12月16日(木) 9時32分
Finally I got tickets to Mexico today! It's more expensive than I expected, because the tax was expensive. The rest that I should do for my trip is booking dometories, but I think that travelers generally find dometories by themselves in Mexico. I mean, they go there without booking hotels or dometories. I'm not sure I can do that, but I'm sure it will become good experience. I'll try to make a very good memory in Mexico.

The place where I'll go is Cancun. Do you know? That is the eastest area in Mexico, seaside of the Caribbian sea! That is like a tropical country. I can do scuba diving and anything! That is what I want to go there. Of course, to visit many remains which are pretty big and grand is my important work, too. I'll study what they are and why they were built and why they went to ruin and... many many things regarding them before going there.

Actually, I called a certain dometory in Mexico to book the room. But,,, the answering machine was speaking Spanish! It's natural, but I couldn't do anything. Language is very serious problem... I will feel that English is comfortable in Mexico.

I got a cold 

2004年11月20日(土) 22時04分
I feel not good. I have hardly been sick for 5 years, but I have a cold today.