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2019年02月17日(日) 1時30分


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I was watching Paul McCartney car karaoke with that late show guy and this add shows up and the late show guy is in the movie 🤣🤣😂😂.


I wish you specify choreographers name as well I thik it is sekhar master.. Show some respect
they are all so good-looking
Wait did I just see logan paul

The first ten seconds of this video - I thought, looks like rubbish. By the end of the trailer, I thought this looks great, can't wait to see it.
About Last Night  was from 1986, The Original Movie.. Greater America is Soo Not Interested in this Afro-Dysfunctional Version
Is it just me or this trailer was all over the place I have no idea what this movie is honestly about at first I thought it was him winning the lottery and having fun then it turns into something totally different just my opinion plesse no mean comments please I am just going off of my perspective if any of you could explain in more detail that would be so sweet.

This is so weird I love it


I like how this guy tries to act hood all the time... but he grew up in the California Suburbs

I understand director freedom but this movie should never have been titled About Last Night. It near nothing in common with the book, the play or the original movie. If what you are looking for is any updated showing of About Last Night then look some where else..

Michael Ealy!


1:48 mass Maharaj debba
Super 👌👌 anna
I got a pre-screening to this movie. Im so lucky. Can't wait till Jan 9. 
I'm literally crying why did I just say that this song is so annoying like this song is so annoying like I can't stop laughing so hard I literally just can't stop laughing so hard I literally just can't stop laughing so hard I literally just can't stop laughing so hard I literally just can't stop laughing at all that people actually tweet me so I literally have no one cares to do so I don't know why what they.

Rudd looking like Rob Chapman!!💜💜💜💜

Feels great and I had goosebumps

Constantly looking at release dates in INDIA already :)
so nobody is gonna talk about that face on 3:20




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