hi again 

2006年05月05日(金) 1時43分
hi its quite log since ive wrote here

so im back in crete...
its quite warm as u can c...
but im not in mood for swimming,i ll go home now keep cleaning a bit more
read kanji and some book and sleep i suppose

i miss u and thinking about u:)


2006年03月19日(日) 10時56分
I went to Hakone on Friday night.
it was really fun.
it is not really far, like 2 hours from tokyo
but the sight and atomosphere is quite different.

as it was really good day,
even more beautiful.

and as it was windy, the sky was really clear.
it is Mt. Fuji.

u c the smoke? it is because onsen is there.
hot water is springed everywhere.

there, they sell black eggs.
because of ingrediants of onsen,
egg shell become black
cool isnt it?
taste was normal though

i wish u were with us.

baby i miss you.

i want to tell about this trip more when we talk :)

hope we can talk soon.

hi sweetie 

2006年03月16日(木) 16時00分
mayb i can come to Greece from the end of Sept ( after my summer course in Germany finished ) till Feb....?

i could log in 

2006年03月14日(火) 3時45分
i could log in sweetiee:)
i miss u
happy white day for tomorrow:)

Where are u? 

2006年03月11日(土) 20時26分
where are u?
are u still sleeping?
any troubles?


its been since monday we cant really talk...

i miss you

Ordinary day 

2006年03月10日(金) 21時52分
Today was like ordinary day.
nothing special.

I woke up around 12:30.
even if i put alarm at 11. lol

and i went to down, to living room
eat onigiri( fried one and row egg inside with sesami around it )
and chicken cutlets with cheese.
( those are left over from last night.)

then i slept a bit more,
since my cream for my alegic skin was running out,
i went to c the skin doctor.
its 2 station away.

from 5 oclock, i worked at media cafe(internet, comics, ps2 and TV are there)
naeka wasnt there, so i was a bit nervous as im quite shy.
it was 2nd day of this work and
i learned a lot, like the system of the register ,
reception, how to clearn, and stuff.
a lot of things to remeber.

as it is training time,
so it was till 9 oclock.

i came back and eat dinner,
it was a piece of pork with herb,
deep fried oyster.

and now, im on the internet for a while
and will come back 1 oclock to talk to you.

ill go to read German or sthing till that.

see you later sweetie :)

Happy Birthday!!!! 

2006年03月09日(木) 19時25分
Happy Birthday sweetie

I wish u the best happiness

I love you ever and now on

I will send this soon
mayb ill put some bakauke and grandma`s rice cracker too ;)

Drinking party 

2006年03月08日(水) 17時11分
last night, i went for drink for all night
with rapoppo friends.

it was so fun.
we made fun of the funny owner
(actually he liked to b made fun as he is quite M. lol
like we call him Nyam, as his gf calls him.
funny pet name. lol

also we did karaoke.
i sung 3gatu 9ka too ;)

and i talked with the manager and other friends
about life and work and future.
one is already work for regular at the English school
and the other is who wears Kimono ( u know) and
like to do something with kimono.
actually she has lisence to make kimono.
it was quite serious talking
but it was really good to hear their opinions.

i feel a bit better now :)

and i found interesting one,
which to show weather of the world,
so i put crete and tokyo
so that we can see the weather ( our favorite. lol)

im sure u love it.


2006年03月07日(火) 1時37分
it feels quite frustrating that
the fact i have no way to reach you.

as i have no way i can reach you...
i feel like i love person who is in my story or something.


baby, its really hard...
i miss you too much.


2006年03月07日(火) 1時29分
as i told u, i went to lunch with izumi.
we went for Hawaian place
and ate Rocomoco.

it was quite good one.
ill take u there when u come.
its not really popular place
as it is not at the main street.

how are u sweetie?
seems like u went for small excersion.
i miss you.

ps* i expected that u wrote something as u said...
but there wasnt. mmm 2 bad.
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