Speaking of・・・ 

2005年10月29日(土) 0時00分
Speaking of breaking the silence, ZORRO came back finally!!
Literally he breaks the silence of 7 years and he returns!!

In Japan, it will be shown in next January.
The baby of the two grew up!! Antonio Banderas is now 45 years-old, but the skill of fancing is amazing!! Catherine Zeta-Jones who was fresh beauty in the first film has now dignified figure. She is one of my dad's favorite actress.

I'm gonna see this as soon as possible!!
Hey,men!! Are you envious??

Break the silence!! 

2005年10月28日(金) 11時57分
Long time no see, everyone!! How have you been? I'm fine!! but I really miss Japan!!

Oh,my god! I left this page behind for more than 2 monthes!!

As I mentioned in another page, these days I'm mad about Orland Bloom! He's so cute, isn't it? What made me change my mind is this movie! ELIZABETHTOWN Before seeing this movie, I didn't even know why he was so popular. However, now that I've even bought this movie's soundtrack CD!! It's so good too,which is also very good!!.Maybe I'm more crazy about this movie than you'd expect.'Cause my present screen saver is installed from this movie's site. Besides, my wallpaper of computer is also this movie'sfrom this movie. In this movie, Kirsten looks really cute!! I've never thought she iswas beautiful, but in this movie, she looks enchanting!! I want you guys to see this movie, 'cause you'll feel that even though we're totally depressed because of worldwide fiasco, we can find a tiny seed whose name is POSITIVE. The process thatby which Orland are being attracted to Kirsten is also empathetic. I took a longing look at their relationship.

Anyway, I highly recommend you this movie!!

I wish・・・ 

2005年08月12日(金) 13時24分
I wish I could simplify my way of thinking.
I wish I could get through everyday thinking only pleasant things.

"To discard what to live what I don't need would put me out of hasslemake life simpler."
I know it's not acceptable thinking. I know,but...
To win the battle to survive is incredibly difficult(maybe more than to lose that).


2005年08月11日(木) 0時00分
I went through one farewell again.
I have to face "encounter and farewell" incredibly frequently.
At the last time to see them, I feel it's unrealistic.
I can't believe that we won't be able to have conversation face to face for quite a while.

Though, I realize the fact when I'm alone in the subway and in my room.Even though our whole conversation was disjointed talk,bringing me back to the time that I met them first and that I spent with them, I feel too sad to fight to keep from crying.

Each tiny pain in our hearts would be precious heritage in our life.
What heritage is would be the feeling which are engraved into our hearts.


2005年08月01日(月) 0時00分
This time I went to Niagara Fall wih my family. I didn't update CANADA's pictures when I went there before, so I'm gonna put many pictures together.

Before I went to CANADA, I also visited to CN tower which is famous for the GLASS FLORE!!
Doesn't it seem scared??

i-pod is required to let me live 

2005年07月13日(水) 0時00分
My i-Pod has been broken. It's hard for me because I can't listen to music in the bus and subway!! i asked Yuji to fix it. He used to work for a company which deals with computers, but he finally told me below after trying to fix it for a hour, "You should bring this to Apple co. directly." Oh, my godness.... When will come I can listen to my i-Pod??


2005年07月12日(火) 0時00分
Volleyball. it's only sport i can do in summer. I do ski, but it's only in winter. So, volleyball is the one that I can show my goodness in this season.

I'm sartisfied with today's play!! Even though there was only me who was a girl, I could do almost equel match!!! Oh, I have to tell this!! When tomohiro and me were the same team, we could beat Georges with my receive and Tomohiro's spike!! Fuck,Georges!! I'm a bad striker, but I call myself a good receiver. The next match will be soon. Next target would be Max....!!


2005年07月11日(月) 0時00分
I took SSP's mid-exam today. It was tough, but I could enjoy writing. I know I still have gramatical mistakes, but i love writing. Through writing essay, I can get more expressions of English. It's the biggest pleasure in studing English.

get a cold 

2005年07月10日(日) 0時00分
Today's my job is to sleep. In order to get over a cold, I have to take a good sleep. Although I love sleeping, I was tired of sleeping at about 6pm. I woke up and turned on the lap-top computer.It's me daily routine to open my lap-top computer. I'm addicted to using the computer. On the Internet, somebody would be there. It means I would be able to talk with someone who is also using computer on the Internet. Today, I could chat with Tomohiro who is always well-dressed Japanese. I had a fun with the chatting. I can't think of life without a computer.


2005年07月09日(土) 0時00分
Today was really complicating day. I wonder if I should write whole story.

・・・・・・・・・I chose not to write about today. If you're eager to know ,please go to Time at Cafe.

SORRY, My audience. Please forgive such lazy me.
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