Watashi wa saakasu no kuma! 

April 13 [Mon], 2009, 23:21
Ooohaayooo, yoohs!!

Guess whut? Me & Dee Lee-kun were out today!
Band meating yo! But sadly my mommy is a Yooh, and I had to get back early!
So not much band pics, sorry, guys...
*pats Yooh*

It was raning today.. and it was cold...
But there's no place like home! Even if it is like a trash bin.
Meh, we can live.

sumfin inbeliavable!
Just for the fans, who were used to only see hands and sneakers!!
My eye desu yo.
It's actually green/blue/grey/camouflage...
next time I promise I'm gonna take a pic of leader-sama's eye!
It pretty~ TeeHee!!

half of my daily chocolate dose!!
And I wonder why I go to the dentist so much...

My little chibi kuma bear!
He wants to be a pro guitarist some day!
His blood type is B, and his idol is the little mermaid!

This is not whisky.
This is lemon flavoured italian olive oil.
Dumb. But it tasted like hell, and it came with a little chibi book!!

The little chibi animal of the day.
Kawaii ne? His name is Shina. He's a good boy.

This is the first thing that decorates my new room!!
It's special. I won't tell you what it is about though, 'cause you brainless fans will start writing fanfics, and watashi wa yuri ja nai yo!

Miss Kaori desu. My fourth doll.
No I am not into gags.
No I am not into breath play.
Well.... maybe just a little bit.

I know you can't live without a band photo so~ Ta~da~
[You can start jerking off now.]

That was all from me,

P.S. Someone buy nuna red King, please.
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