October 31 [Mon], 2005, 2:56
I was really lazy for 3weeks after I went to LA.
i was so sad im not in LA.

And i was crazy about Mixi.

~Homecoming Day~
Oct 14th to 16th

This year, ACU is 100th aniversary.
This year's homecoming day was really awesome.
I went to parade with ISA students.

I wore Yukata and I carried the Ukreine flag.
It was really strange for me to carry Ukreine's flag,
but it was ok.

~Fall Break~
Oct 20th to 23th

I went to Van,TX, during fall break with Daniel K, Daniel Weeler, Aaron, and Brittany.
it was the best break ever.
we went to bungie jump and Aaron's frined paid all of money for Bumgie!
it was almost $600!!!

next we went to riding a hourse.


October 18 [Tue], 2005, 23:46


LA日記 後編 

October 15 [Sat], 2005, 18:09

Today's main ivent was Greenday's concert
They were awesome.
Ive never been to their concert but Im pretty sure it was the best concert ever!!!
Im really thanksfull to Chris took me to there.

We came back home around midnight
we went straight to the bed after that.


Not much.
We went to ...cypress college to buy something with Larae.
after that we went to buy some things for me.
and we ate foods what Chris's mom cooked.
I really want to know how to cook them.

And we went to the airport....

Soon after we left our house, Daniel called me
he said "I will arrive airport in 20 min."
So I told Chris to hurry a lil.
30min later, Daniel called me again and he said

"We made mistake.We went to anothrt direction.I dont think i can go to the airport on time.So what will you do?"
you know I was so nervous that situation.
I told Chris about this and we talked some about if I can make change flight.
But I didnt want to pay extra money.
So we choose to go back to Dallas and staying Vikki's house.
But I didnt have Vikki's number and my cellphone didnt have power anymore.

I made my flight and when I arrived at Dallas airport,it was almost midnight.

When I went to outside, a lady talked to me.
Yes she was the lady when I met at airplane from DFW to LAX!!!
She borrow me her cellphone and I could make a phone call.
Finally I arrived Vikki's house around 1am!!!

I went to Vikki's high school where she is teaching.
there was very huge high school and I helped her job.
it was nice experience to go to high school.

Weekend at LA part 1 

October 10 [Mon], 2005, 23:58

Daniel didnt pack his stuff in his bag when the time we should leave here.
So I helped his packing.And it was really cold outside and I felt so sick.
like i was almost die...blah blah blah,,,,,,,

Then we arrived Vikki's house ...eer actually we arrived her sista's house first.lol
and then we met Vikki and her puppy
Vikki bought some apples and caramel !!!
YEah we ate caramel apple!! YUmmm

We talked and watched "FRIENDS"video and go to bed with vikki


We left Vikki's house around 6:30AM!!!
She took us to the Dallas/Ft worth airport.ON the plane,I met Mexican women,
She was really sweet!!!!
When Daniel was gone to the bathroom sha talked to me.
I think she thought he is my BF.it's so funny!!! I didnt know that she will help me so much later.

After we arrived airport I found Chris with big smile.
I LOVE his smiling face.
After I said bye to Daniel, Chris and I went back to home...eer OUR home,jk
we went to eat japanese food but it was in Korean community.
And one worker asked me if im Korean or not.
Its so funny Japanese went to Japanese restaurant owned by Korean.lol
She thought its weird Korean doesnt order Kimchi.

After the restaurant, we went to supermarket to get japanese food.
I got many many japanese staff.
and we went to Knott's Scary farm with Chris.
it was nice to go during this break.
because they decorated like halloween!!

it was Thursday and FriDAY!


October 06 [Thu], 2005, 16:00



話題のソーシャルBlah blah blah 。。。。

じゃーばいばーい!have a good weekend!


October 04 [Tue], 2005, 4:06
It's what I did Today eer MONDAY!!!


I met Korey.
She was taking care of Aaron.
And then I met Daniel he was going to the mall so I decided to go with him.
I asked Korey to go together with Daniel.


I went to eat dinner at chicken express with Shotaro.
We dont have a transportation so I borrowed a moped from Aaron.
Thanks Aaron.I drove it !!!


I went to watch tennis.Aaron and Daniel[W] was playing.
I cant believe they were the 2nd tennis players in the US when they were in a jr-high.
I played it a lil bit but im terrible.


Daniel[K] and I watched "CIS Miami..."whatever.
It was really good.Ive never seen it but now i like that.
and then I went to unicycling with 2Daniels and Aaron.


Daniel[K] and I went to Walmart by moped.
He was almost lose his contact during i was driving.
So we got some life stuff and went back to our apartment.
then we found Jeremy and Korey was sittin at parking lot.
After Daniel went to bed we went to Jeremy's house.
We found an ant farm kit.
So we will make them tomorrow.


its time to go to bed

my american personality 

October 03 [Mon], 2005, 1:23
it's why i dont write in japanese,

1.Chris cant understand if i wrote in Japanese.

2.Im getting be forgettable about japanese.Im about to be horrible Japanese grammer.

3.I have american personality now im in the US.

maybe thats all

here has some japanese students but I really didnt hang out w/ them more than american students.
its why you know many japanese cant speak english well even they live in the abroad.
i hate it.
one japanese student told me yesterday that;

"You have more american friends than me. I think you are the best japanese who has american friends in here."


she is in here for 4yrs already but she still said so.
Im in here about 1 1/2months already but I have more american friends???
its strange.
japanese tried to hang out with japanese.mostly asian tried to hang out w/ who has same nationality.Y'all know it is bad.

I hate it!!!
sorry it's my boom word now because NEWMAN use it.
i couldnt see Newman this weekend but Aaron met him.
aww Im so exciting about it.

Newmand has a plan when Aaron visit him on this weekend.
They went to New Orleans to get some stuff.
They sold some stuff and got $130!!!
its amazin and I heard some newman's story,

When they went to a bar, one guy was 19yrs.
U know you cant drink beer under 21yrs.Staff told them to show their ID but Newman told staff
"Katrina own everything!!!"
omg...it make sence.lol

and after this happened he use this word ALL THE TIME!!!

I wanna see NEWMAN really bad.

the person he is NEWMAN. 

September 30 [Fri], 2005, 1:30
yesterday night I was playing unicycle with 2Daniels and Aaron,
Just we were riding unicycles.Lately a women who evacuate from New Olrean got a job at ACU's appartment regidence.And she lives in next to Aaron &2Daniels' house.So maybe she called to the police.
Actually we were playing @12 to 2o'clock in the night but she is so annoying to us!!!EVERYDAY!!!!!
So after the police came to us,they took us to the police station.lol
Just write down names and adresses.We met the police today again but he is so friendly to us today.lol

We started to do for the evacuee women a lot of annoy things.
Today one of 2Daniels made a small pool in front of her house and shouted "water is flooding!!!!GO away go away!!!"
then she went outside and she found out just we were around pool and play around.lol
we are really mad at her about what she did always for us.
After that we called a friend his name is "Newmen",
He is such a stupid guy and Daniel and Aaron's friend in their hometown,
I have a lot of his funny stories but it takes long long time to talk.
So maybe when i visit you i will talk about Newman.lol
And he gave us many advises about what we should do to her.


September 29 [Thu], 2005, 12:33
I have an Mexican classmate in my class.

I can understand the difference between Mexico n Japan's culture things.
I mean I KNOW we have other cultures n manners how to take a class.

But Finally my madness was at its height today.

I've never thought I will tell someone "Don't speak during a class." because you know Im the person is told by someone.Yeahh Actually I was always doing like that in Japan.Im feeling so bad right now about it.
But but but but!!!!!

I didnt try to talk to a teacher all the time.lol

In her case,she always try to talk to a teacher.
it means the mexico girl has the classes all to herself.
all of us who are in the classes are disgusted about her.

And I called her 1hour ago to come to talk to me.
Now Im going to tell her "Shut up" or something.

I can't bear her annoying any longer,


September 27 [Tue], 2005, 0:11
Today I got a sick .
Yesterday I got some bug bites and it was itchy,
I thought it was just from a mosquito but a doctor told me its not,
and it started getting big and having a fever.
Early of today I felt so bad and teacher force me to go to see a doctor.
Doctor told me im seriously sick and i coundt do anything today and maybe tomorrow...
I slept all day today.
Daniel made some foods for me but I was feeling really bad so I couldnt ear so much and throw out.
I hope I will be better tomorrow.

I want to see Chris so bad.


Place where i live:Texas
Occupation : student

Like :
watching movie
American music


me n Chris
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