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February 01 [Fri], 2019, 22:31


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NEVER reboot or remake a GDT series without him, looking at you Pacific Rim & Hellboy. destined to fail.. Is this a Parody ? Esperándola en New York and this film is going to flop as well it should, if Lions gate hate any sense, they'd just send it straight to DVD/BluRay because thats the kind of movie it looks like. Bummer dudes... This looks horrible. British accents are cancer.


I need to see this RIGHT NOW Yikes.... Lionsgate, you need to fire your marketing department and make sure no one else hires them again. Every week I watch this trailer. It is like an inspiration waiting in a box. It is a shame that this will never be in cinemas in South Africa. I am definitively going to buy the DVD. .


1:28 That design of the monster looks great but other than that this trailer is wack.

Is this an out of season April Fools joke?

Looks ok i guess...



This looks bad, very bad.



Hellboy the mumbling hero.

Not bad. Have no idea who he is. Gotta check out the previous 2 movies. Whys everything gotta be funny nowadays? Lol


Limestone Cowboy I have no idea what this is, but I really wanna see it!

vbb Soyez le premier


fuqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq Still going to go see it but the trailer doesn't make it seem promising. looks incredible!! just watched holy mountain and it was amazing.


I mean it looks great but god damn did every joke completely swing and miss. 13 The Haunted Download Free 720px Mojo tamil

Another box office bomb on the way!! I’m hoping that this trailer misrepresents the movie Donde puedo ver esta película? Por qúe no la encuentro en ninguna parte? ya tiene algo de tiempo que salió!




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