Understand what you said is what mean

March 06 [Tue], 2012, 18:12
Understand what you said is what mean.'See don't need'BE what mean, 'see don't need'?"
The radicle pillar ashamedly scarted to scart a head and looked for to lend hard.
"I have already made an effort, you understand and then compare what all good.Is very difficult, than imagination more difficult."
"Are you still far inferior.However, you how can anyone know my telephone number?"
", This?It is the young lady of that Cheap Monster Beats orange hair to tell mine."
"Did that piggy gain flesh?"
The radicle pillar has no the problem of handle knob machine to be Monster Beats Dr Dre to return to matter, too the English just loosenned tone, a listenned to the radicle pillar starting to ask pink piggy and then and embarrassedly smiling for a while.
", Sorry, definitely lost now, I had already forgotten to feed it."
Radicle pillar Za Za mouth, seem to is too telling her "that even if", then hold tight the hand of English to walk to the car.
"Etc. is in a short while."
Too the English looking at radicle pillar to open spare box of, sparse inside carelessly pick him up to pass come of one regiment white thing.Don't know is what, the weight seems to be still not light, in was like to put iron piece.
"What is this ?"
"The pig eats, hereafter can not let hungry belly of our piggies ……"
"Admire ……"
He actually accumulated Zan how much coin!Too the English feels heavy of coin purse, embarrassedly smiled to smile.Also no wonder that, this person bought one plank egg in the sauna.How to see is all prince, can't, but this not makes people dislikes.Be in love, though he doesn't understand, very diligent appearance, let her really move, the radicle pillar like this has a liking for to is lovely.To take these to go home fill into piggy belly, will be definitely very tiring.
? ? ? ?
Showed He to ascend he lately- bought car, never stop for a moment speed in the city.Not and in a short while, the sun Gao starts to rise sharply and show He to take own very of the thing go home.
Stop car in the parking lot, Cheap Monster Beats show He to return to a home, the cheap dre beats first person who greets him is a grandfather.
"Have not you had fun enough?Does the position that designs room return to stay for you, you let does it have been getting empty?
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