Street PaintingStreet painting

December 20 [Thu], 2018, 16:23
Leave some chalk color unblended on the surface of the pavement to bring out colors, highlights and details. In 1972 the first International Street Painting Competition was held in Grazie di Curtatone, Italy.- Step 2: Make color photocopies of the painting you'll be re-creating.- Step 2: Start from the top of the painting area and begin painting the image with the colored chalk. Continue to blend colors to gain the right effect.- Step 5: Mount photocopies on cardboard to make them easier to work with.
Street PaintingStreet painting recorded since early Street painting has been recorded throughout Europe since the 16th century.Street Painting Introduction- Step 1: Use your photocopy and grids to guide you as you chalk out a rough outline of the complete image you are painting on the pavement - just enough to map out the image and get the proportions correct. Measure carefully so that all photocopies are gridded identically. Street painters in Italy e called madonnari (pronounced: mah-doan-are-ee with madonnaro being the singular form) because they often created pictures representing the Madonna.- Step 3: Lay a foundation of color using your fingers in small areas and a chalkboard eraser for larger areas.- Step 5: Work your way down the area of your painting.
Street Painting Guide- Step 1: Select the image you'll be re-creating with chalk. This recognition caused a whole new generation of street painters to emerge. Several copies will be needed, especially if more than one artist will be working Clean Bench Manufacturers on the piece. Selecting a photograph is also popular.- Step 3: Draw a grid over the photocopies using a ruler and thin marker.- Step 6: Remove the masking tape to reveal clean, crisp outlines.In 1972 the first International Street Painting Competition was held in Grazie di Curtatone, Italy.- Step 4: Label the graphed columns on your photocopies horizontally with alphabetical letters and vertically with numbers. - Step 4: Fill in the details of the image using various shades of colored chalk.
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