March 15 [Mon], 2010, 2:14
I'm not gonna update this anymore.
study study study.


March 06 [Sat], 2010, 16:19
The weather is so hot!!!
I wish the aircon in my room works......

Studyyyy i have to try to studyy... but I end up reading manga all night long. lol
Mangafoxing recently. I like reading english scanslation because I could read faster though some parts wont be translated right but its ok, I prefer speed. And its bigger on screen.

Was reading a little of one piece. Manga has too much drawingss kinda messy. Even on screen enlarged, Everything still looks small and squashed. I wonder how do people read the real manga book.

So hot...
i;m gonna take a nap and then wake up to do japanese hw and study for kanji test.

My prelims..... le sigh

and... my webcam broke. well not exactly. as in it doesnt work anymore.. i wonder why.. so i cant take pics using it... its a slight hassel to connect my hp to the com for pics. and what sucks is the web cam is the built in one in my laptop. ~_~


February 28 [Sun], 2010, 13:01
Went out for dinner with JJLMM on fri. Nice worthy meal with funny waiter.

Just watched one piece before going for jap class. Bon chan made me cry. ; _ ;
Bon chan / Bon boy. HAHAHa.


February 25 [Thu], 2010, 1:35
Havent been blogging much since i'm most of the time... repeating what i do.
going to sch, study, eat, sleep. yeah thats about it.
my boring life.

the cat will not be out of the bag.
i will suffocate it. ;D


February 22 [Mon], 2010, 2:45
Oh, theres a black version of gloomy~~

Just watched OP.
; _ ; BOOOHOOOHOOO. its so touching.
Bon chan wanting to save Mugi chan and Mugi chan wanting to save Bon chan.
This is how friendship should be but I have doubts in reality.

Bon chan, even though he's an okama, he has the code of a man.

Makes my blood boil.

February 14 [Sun], 2010, 2:47
I got an offer for a wig i was selling on doa. (I havent been bumping that thread so its a surprise.)
It was from some lao jiao inthe forum who had pm-ed before on another wig and then passed.

Actually I already got a feeling that she would passed again though I do not know the reason.
Still, I pm-ed her back on the info and state if payment by online purchase tab, add 4% and blah.

And then she pm-ed me back with...
"I'll pass.....Lately I've developed a dislike for hidden fees."
just this sentence.

Makes me mad when I see this.

And no I will no succumbed to lao jiaoism!!! So I replied.
"Actually its not hidden. I've indicated on the top of the info.
Methods of payment accepted? - Paypal both non-cc and cc. (cc please add 4%)"
just this too.

DOES THIS COUNT AS HIDDEN FEES? Fucktard, open your eyes wide and read all my infos/terms.
It makes me angry because shes kinda implying that I'm conning ppl??

Is weallly weally angeeerryyy.
I have decided to never sell to her again. =/ and i think/hope she would never buy from me again.

P.S. happy cny oh~


February 10 [Wed], 2010, 22:58
I realised that in most korean mv, the singers have lots of outfit.
For solo artist, they have at least 4 outfits in a mv.
For groups, its 3. Woahhhhhhh

=D a couple from WGM. Love their voice.


February 07 [Sun], 2010, 1:28

Shes so pretty and hot~


February 04 [Thu], 2010, 14:26
Theres 3 things I hope that it'll drop from the sky.
1) Dumbbells (Small ones duh)
2) Sports shoe
3) digital weighing machine

HAHAHA. Coz I dont think I'll bear to spend $$ on them.
Rawr I wanna have lean muscles.
My current dumbbells are 2 500ml water bottles. HAHAHAHHA


February 04 [Thu], 2010, 1:03
I have not finish reading the book I borrowed from the library.
Tomorrow is the due date!!!
1) Go Japan
2) Study
3) Degree 2010
4) Money
5) Fix the toilet
6) Renovate my house
My Boys
1) Lee Ah Boy

2) Nian
3) Zhong
4) Huo
5) You
6) Re
7) Ren
8) Xi
9) ?
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