Luo Tianfeng is the world

August 26 [Mon], 2013, 17:20
According to Wen Houshan, now being built tomb, but made CG55 Montebello Parka UK a special trip to Luo Yizhi father and mother the Luo tianfeng... I had time to look at, the scale is not small but... This also no wonder, Luo Tianfeng was eventually forced to unrighted wrong and died, now ten years past, even the master of the house shall not enter the temple is the main... The family, is really owe them an explanation ah one one R is more important, Luo Yi has now become the fourteen elders, Luo Yi family not to pay a well and continued to talk about... While they are talking, but about Luo Tianfeng and his wife built is Ling... Luo Tianfeng was also carrying Luo Jia Womens North Face Hoodie 'sinners, notoriety, Luo book by Song Xiang and song Ba Meng Quan, after his death, no one thought to he built for the. Together with his wife and children in the family is also not to be seen, his wife in his fall after less than a year, but also because of grief, die. Finally, Luo Tianfeng home several quite loyal to Luo Tianfeng's slave 1 servants, to be buried... In fact, she was the wife of the 'sinners' identity, are not allowed to bury in the family after the mountain. North Face Gore Outlet This is the Rochon turned a blind eye, just for the funeral. Even the monument is not a. Green spring in addition to bury her in there, but also made a special trip to do a Luo Tianfeng cenotaph, two people together... Time passed, now already full ten years. Luo Tianfeng is the world hero, now the truth comes out, Luojia all already know... In [on million years blood yuan, Luo Tianfeng is not the people thought 'self conscience, just let Luo kill death. Simply because he has to see the situation, know yourself in any case argued, in the Tang and Song Dynasties under two joint, plus Song Xiang and song Ba internal big environment, is not believed his words. Even [Tuo Yun Zong, [the government is involved... He is able to escape death, but the house must also be doomed eternally!... He, in order to protect Luo Jia, just choose to sacrifice their own. This sentiment, how not to shock people? Now the case is entirely cleared., Luo Jiaruo doesn't give him a replacement, and how to be able to play the other side of this piece of utter devotion? So, is the mountain building mausoleum, is about to enter the main temple of Luo Luo family said there were many discussions. Behind him, but the hearts of some quite depressed Luo Yi is not put on the heart, directly towards' Fantian Institute, time to go when he returned to the 'Fantian hospital, it was already dark. However, in the silver under the moonlight, reflecting the surrounding snow, let still around a bright. A young master. You came back... Open the door, Fantian Institute, a servant at the door looked at what. When Luo Yi, the servant's eyes a bright, immediately Ying up. Still in meditation, Luo Yi return to God, then he nodded, edge toward the hospital go, and asked casually: Well, madam?... Today nothing happened? All right, madam is hall, waiting to master your meal... The servant hurriedly replied. Luo Yi nodded toward the inside line, is not much, have come to the hall. The hall lights, before such a big round table, aunt sitting on spring characteristics of wheelchair, waiting for the Luo yi. Beside her, but is standing two handmaidens. One one one but when young Luo Yi into the hall.
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