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> Chu was right, when innocent city constructed in accordance with the super city, face federal capital city planning area has more than 1000 square kilometers. WWw. quANBEn. Com later fall into the hands of foreigners, there is certainly a lot of energy accumulation. From the Chu continues to confuse and said: "Uncle annual mean very clear, and he controlled the factory, in the northern city can not get through the normal trading of food and water, but not in the winter European and American Federation of supplies, and that only robbery, we located in the hub, certainly the first unlucky he give this place we, the purpose is to let foreigners consume our power. but they attack with what we? elements play it? "Here, the wind does not speak even been laughed Lin . Offensive fortress of the city require large-scale and heavy weapons Legion, North City gringos did not cause any threat to way right here. Unless they have elements of bombs, bomb directly to the Earth in half. "Blizzard a result, daytime temperatures will be a sharp drop to minus 30 degrees below troops, greatly affected by human action, they simply no way to organize large-scale offensive, three of fifty people, even just eight snow tiger deal can not. we can sit back and looked to attack, you may rest assured, within one month, we will be able to find north of the city's energy warehouse, then we certainly have doubled the number of troops, the defense is not a problem even more, Houtu abilities Mech forces with major mechanical forces attack, starting from the E region, two hours will be able to home, we now have a near-Earth can fly up armored, so do not worry about the energy to things. Godzilla, you continue to say. "throw a bunch of takes away from the Chu ** of things, and finally moved out of the near-Earth armor, Anding Jun heart. This last one was quite effective. Because from the Chu said near-Earth armored car can fly. From the Chu is not deceiving you. Even old-fashioned car for nearly two hours to fly only armor, enough support in the city of the battle. Godzilla to know which way the key. But he did not point out, anyway, he knew the energy to keep the existing land base is not a problem. As long as the base in. That we did have turned local opportunities. But he ceded the topic hole, the hole had not spoken in his analysis of the data, at the moment he began to beat the wheelchair armrest, indicating already have in mind plan. "Now I understand the need to establish defensive enclosure." Hole appreciates tone, said: "We can not lay the entire city in the winter, one to the spring of next year, either bandits or federal troops, are likely to open up. No three-dimensional defensive structure, we can not stand one week will be destroyed. small Chu plans to consider very long, and I hope you understand this point. "Di wind began to think about it, he joined forces from Chu, soon will understand from the Chu position. This is one we let out of the head position, because no one can get on, unless the green and red sit. But the green and red refused, on the cheap weakest contacts no off-chu. From the Chu apparently draw their own, head to clear, a genuine part of his forces. Originally Diyun saved a Janus-faced, not been followed by the weakest from Chu. From this point of view, but a few days of action, green and red from Chu do not want a puppet, but certainly far from Chu's intention, this is a great development of the people. Want to stand on, you should make a decision as soon as possible. Di wind glanced away quietly Chu hearts already have plans. "I am talking about the new plan, back hair look electronic documents. Before about my Warfare Bureau, Bureau after combat is divided into three parts, and I deal with battle command, will set up headquarters, after all ground operations plan prepared by the headquarters Mayor for approval. Maj. formation machinery Regiment, being the first preparation of the establishment of two divisions, each division is full compile a million, of which 6000 Mech Warrior, 30000 machines soldiers, 2,000 reservists, 1000 Diligence, 1000 drive units a month , the major combatants must be expanded to 3,000 people, half to full combat team division, regimental establishment, temporarily without expansion, but to eliminate three protoss, all with four or more. would not have expanded, After that 100 people. everyone understands no? "" Understood. "Houtu first answer. His protoss forces under control, this is no way of things, because it is almost the limit of his ability to recruit, and then move, it would vary greatly, lose fighting ability. "Foreign Office the task of this stage more, but set up a special force to protect the long-term development is not appropriate, since this part of the task allocated to the Secret Service,cheap jordan shoes, the existing forces all to Xiao outcast." Wu Di shrugged his shoulders and said: "I do not need any troops." "Scorpion House officers are more divided into two parts, one part of the training to improve, as military reservists. part responsible for routine policing, judicial and other things." Scorpion newly appointed people, nature no objection, nodded his head. Dew death, Feng Lin has been completely put down the affair, there is nothing more competing rights. ** "Secret Service want to expand, and now we made clear that the Secret Service is to oversee the internal, who betrayed the collective, then blame Xiao abandoned it. Specific implementation measures Hongjie will write files sent down hope you have no opinion. "from Chu smile, really, green and red still want to hold the most critical force. In this way, and parliamentary control protoss very much like the way each city, and very efficient. Green and red with the most primitive way to control six Bureau, who do not toe the line, he sent Xiao outcast death. I believe Shaw outcast recruit those people are confidant of green and red, but the strength is the highest. "The fifth inning." Hole saw one from Chu Chu nodded off, Kong continued: "Lee Avon is no longer picking up temporarily, Di wind director-in addition to mobile operations, should also be responsible for the variation pacify people working . Hongjie new laws have been developed to improve the status of human variation, the Federal that set, we ended up here in the future. "green and red to do, being no objection, Kong also relieved that he himself is variation man, if not a very high level, outstanding ability, and now only in South City? extend among themselves. We previously ignored his identity, simply because of his ability. But in this group, the variability person's overall status and federal no difference. "The sixth inning or small Chu directly responsible, who later managed the mayor directly arranged. Moreover, the mayor's office to be established, the Turks responsible. Warfare Bureau outside the plan developed by the mayor's office, and then assigned to each bureau perfect, because we is not the situation, so that you can temporarily Lee Avon established two teams, in turn protect the safety of the mayor, after the small Chu may not be free. "Everyone laughed, different feelings. With these two teams, from Chu indeed more secure, but also in the green and red being monitored, no more freedom. Only from Chu they understand that these two teams is to provide green and red to give yourself that twelve slain to do the cover, the green and red monitor their own? Is not necessary. "Also, we have established two colleges, namely technology institute and military hospital, Godzilla and Hongjie responsibility addition to the development of weapons technology institute, responsible for Business Affairs, the deployment of goods. Military hospital is responsible for military training, not Military Academy graduate officers can only ever be a proxy positions which houses charter Hongjie formulation, we sent back and now both houses of the sixth inning to reschedule over, there are no problems, small Chu back hair under the documents, five of can not be changed within. "" No problem. "Everyone replied softly. Everyone mind is clear, from the position of Chu and then high, as long as the pinch in the green and red hands, no one comments. Even if he controlled the two bureau, but Godzilla and Xiao outcast is always green and red right hand, while the sixth inning of that twenty protoss is green and red of the original cast from the Chu can really control says are not allowed. This 5 alone Di wind variability person can not really control of the situation from Chu. Green and red control military hospital from this point of view, it will not betray Maj. green and red,Air Jordan Take Flight, his men will be green and red after brain washed before getting on the battlefield. We all know that green and red is the spirit of the Department of protoss, but no one knows how strong she was in the end. Red Green never officially shot, but everyone on the spirit of the Department of protoss are feel fear. "Then I would arrange new bases assigned turned out not to give up a small base, recruit training facilities as the new base, called honeycomb good. Hive top two floors allocated to combat Bureau, too few of our people , the second layer in addition to being the first workshop empty. six one representing five major command center, representing a Houtu etc. ground fortifications built well, all troops are immediately transferred to this six-part to the third layer of Bureau office for six, three or less should martial law, the factory in the fourth floor,oakley eyeglasses sale, fifth floor is the living area, the city is only formally acquitted by the new residents to enter. that is, those of us who a. "" military hospital and technology institute will also arrange on the fifth floor. "coldly from Chu inserted the sentence. His heart already had plans, which should have absolute control in the hands of both houses. Hole if you do not agree with their rather deserted beneath this layer, will not let these people. "But the military hospital who too complicated ......" hole some concern. "Do not worry, just arrange officer down, I will know what they are thinking." Chu rubbed his forehead from the seal, it seems to remind everyone, I am also a spiritual system protoss. Godzilla said: "My people can rest assured that most of the weapons labs are four do not have any dangerous things happen." "Well, Godzilla once the six military entrance open, we you can enter, go back and arrange it, we need to do a large-scale investigation of the spirit. "hole see green and red face expressionless, that he had just negligence, he had wanted to try something from Chu's mind, did not expect to forget this green and red houses also needed. He also did not expect such a strong reaction from Chu, with the tone of command words. This kid really is not simple, the overall situation has begun to fight for their own use need to know things. Kong did not know, so to speak apart from Chu talks habits, there is the spirit of the Department protoss instinct. Just from the tone of Chu is a completely spiritual hypnotic way, in everyone's heart, planted a seed. From the Chu powerful future together after this child will naturally germinate, so that we have a real reverence for him, just as the same green and red. <
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