January 14 [Sun], 2007, 10:23
stupid posts, stupid pictures. TLNR.


December 16 [Sat], 2006, 3:10
oh how i missed my boys!

Satoru's drunk scribble on the side of a wall by their house.
"we were looking for this?"
i took Em and Skully on an adventure to their house.
of course i got lost looking for my landmark.
drunk motorcycle rides for all, i thought Satoru was going to kill me.
it was cute, he remembered how we wanted to drink tequila,
after 7 months of not seeing him.
it was the first thing he pulled out when we got home. どきどき
drunk uno, drunk pictionary, "Satoru fighter", drawing on Shota's passed out face,
Kotaro getting angsty about being born in singapore,
and me pouting on the couch cause im stupid.

the girls left and i passed out in the living room.
Kotaro woke me up and told me to go sleep in his "room".

broken cameras are great because you have no fucking clue what you are a taking a picture of. kotaro has a little bed in the middle of their record "room".
basically its a room made because of bookshelves full of records on each side.

why is the beer cans in the sink. who drank beer? Em and Skully. im actually suprised the sink was clean. i had to clean that shit last time.


December 15 [Fri], 2006, 10:38
wow, totally forgot i had this thing. well back again. i broke the LCD screen on my
camera sometime during/after the uchiage for anticlockwise.
it was brand new too. ほんとにばか!

next time im in nippori, im gettin my メキシカンパーテイー on.


June 27 [Tue], 2006, 16:37
lately i have been feeling this. though it is recent memories. i am having the burning desire to go back to tokyo. its too much money to fly this time of year, even though its humid and hot and everyone stinks. i want to see alumi's first tour! i want to see my friends!
i miss things.
i miss Masa making me weird drinks.

i miss this totally WTF thing on the wall walking through the alley to AREA.

i miss being able to borrow this, but more importantly, i miss the boy it belongs to.

i miss drinking fuckin hard with my boys. they are probably the only guys i know in japan that can keep up with my drinking spirit. and they dont like chu-hi..

i miss the crunk pad where the trash bags full of empty cans and bottles take up half the space. actually that whole trash can of liqour, i was the one that emptied it. XD
damn i can only post 5 pictures, i guess i can continue tomorrow..

not just houston 

June 17 [Sat], 2006, 18:14

im not sure if really awesome custom cadillacs are normal here in japan. but this was parked near 7-11 in takashimadaira. you should have seen how fucking awesome and out of place it looked. the owner was totally badass, he looked intimidating to the point where i had to hide to snipe it, in hopes he would start yelling crazy slang that i wouldn't understang.

host boys 

June 05 [Mon], 2006, 18:46

although my friend took this picture, i shall post. one of my favorite things are host boys. not because they have awesome hair, and are well dressed.
but the fact they are so fun to watch. walking out of the alta exit, or sitting in front of koma. i could watch them for hours, they are more interesting than salarymen. a girl like me... "boystyle", foreign, beer guzzling, not so cute, sloppy/badly dressed, and sitting on the sidewalk cursing, is not someone a host will approach in the street. so its nice to be able to sit there not being bothered by them. the japanese girls i feel bad for sometimes. when they walk through the chou at night or in the morning, and the boys pester them. its hilarious. one night though, Em and i were pulling an all nighters, and the hosts were obviously bored out of their minds because it was raining out and there was seriously no one in kabuki-chou. just us and the hosts. so they were coming up and being like "do you love japan? WE LOVE AMERICA!" this was hilarious, and they kept talking. after we walked away one peeked around the corner at us. my drunk style when with Em is the hug attack. this got invented the first time i met her, we got wasted, i think i was the most, considering i hardly remember it. but my japanese construction worker fetish got the best of me and they commanded me to hug attack the hot bleached haired one. which i did, and could have gotten a date out of it, but i ran away embarassed. i didnt not do this to this boy though, although he was madly hot.

so far my two fondest host boy memories. after pulling an allnighter,

(my posts have been getting longer...please click 続きを読む… for the rest of my stupid post)

again, this is not a photo i took, it belongs to my friend Em. her HP is here.


June 02 [Fri], 2006, 13:45

i was cleaning out my email box when i found this.
i completely forgot about it!
Emma and i were sitting outside a family mart in shibuya
cooling off after our live at o-west on 5/1.
the line up was awesome!

パニックちゃんねる, bergerac, イロクイ。, ドーリスマリィ,
亟彩フイルム (who was first, and i was late so sadly i missed them)
and ジゴロ. were there more? i don't remember.
but wow Yuu from Bergerac .
we had the same hair coloring too.

anyway we were sitting, me sipping on my beloved oni-koroshi ,
shooting the shit with Emma when two guys came over
drinking chu-his.
damn chu-hi boys!
they were from england just like Emma so we talked a little,
and finally "can we take your picture?"
hahah i dunno why this happen but it does.
i said only if i can shug your chu-hi while taking it.
whats up with my pinky, did i turn to some proper bitch or what?
anyway the guy said he'd send it to my email via DM, and than was like
"want a picture of ganguro girls?"
uhhh... why would i want that.. but he sent it anyway.

Miyui, Mio, Mahiru oh my! デルフィニウム? + all day session live 

May 05 [Fri], 2006, 8:03
since this is so long it had to be cut.
so click 続きを読む… at the bottom for the full version.

session lives are great because its just an
excuse for a bunch of dudes to get on stage
and fuck around for hours.
this was a special night though.
Mio and Mahiru session as -oroshi-.
Miyui session as pedou, playing all shiina ringo covers.
but most importantly, デルフィニウム? revival!!!
the question mark was added to their name because Wataru
and Riku did not play with them.
i had yoyaku through miyui, of course.

i got there around 1:00 pm being dead tired,
i had an allnighter the night before after TRiCK's hosted event.
i think i was trying to demachi アルミ國土 because it was Shin's
birthday and i wanted to give him a beer.
but than didn't see him and ended up missing my train,
and somehow managed to wind up in a really expensive and fancy
izakaya with a cute 32 year old man named Kuni.
he wandered off while i was in the bathroom,
but not until he paid our huge tab.
(it was around 35,000en and we only ordered drinks).

anyway, i filled my bag full of booze
(even though the event had 3 ins and outs passes)
ran down holidays stairs and the staff girl checked my name
off miyui's yoyaku list and gave me a ghetto ass, ripped piece of paper
with a number written on it for the random pick of purikura.
once inside, i spotted Emma sitting on the floor
so i went over to sit with her.

before -oroshi- came on, the two girls i met while demachi
for -oroshi- last time came up to me and were like,
"you like Mio!", i smiled and was like "yes!"
the cute short haired girl was like "i like Towa!".
-oroshi- was alot of fun.
unlike last time, i wasnt holding a beer, so i stood Mio stage side and
jumped around.

Emma's bands played, and she was tired so she left early.

i had been drinking all day and デルフィニウム? didn't play
till close to 9pm.

dead drunks 

May 03 [Wed], 2006, 8:25

i need a real camera.
my last all nighter in march i spilled a can of chu-hi all over my
digital camera and fryed it.
this camera phone shit ain't cuttin it.

i was going to make a point to snipe as many passed out guys as i could.
but after this guy, i kinda forgot i was going to do that.

高田馬場AREA toilet pt 2 

April 30 [Sun], 2006, 4:13

i wanted to take a picture of this in March.
i was hoping it would still be there when i returned.
it was Wizard, 華族, イロクイ。, AILE, uh i can't remember.
but it was fun!
it was also my only live at AREA this time, which is sad cause i like that place.
(except for the toilet).

yeah so STAY THRASH!
i almost pissed myself when i saw it the first time.
actually i was going pee but thats beside the point.
at AREA, a livehouse which for the most part is only Visual Kei lives.
and in the girls toilet?
its unexplainable, but it makes me happy.
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