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February 14 [Thu], 2019, 12:19


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I've never ever identified with a character so strongly as I did with Anna. I can't describe how beautiful this film is..
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8K Macbook Marnie's worldwide
[Ghibi intensified]
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what lovely film this is.
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Everybody complains about the book of life 2 feeling but surely watched the 100th princess movie with the same message without saying anything. Sooo annoying.


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i love it

can't wait to see it <3 studio ghibli

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Does anyone know what song they used at th end? The one with the faster beat

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Everyone says it's a ratchet and clank rip off but if you think about it this movie also has a similar plot to the lego movie but more on rachet and clank

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Random movie : /
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Can someone explain how O-Nao died? I don't get it
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Am I the only one, who think that this movie is remake of the story of Sun Wukong?!🤔
That song is captures how intensely touching this story is.
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OK LOOK. they are not in love. do not let yourself get excited bc i was like really happy with how the movie was going and then (spoiler) apparently marnie is like the ghost of anna's grandmother (end of spoiler) which grossed me out. i don't know how else to interpret it though, bc?? they were holding hands??? in the moonlight?? on the water??? and anna got jealous when marnie was dancing with a boy. like, all of the signs were there. they held hands and said they loved each other??? and then BOOM. so don't let yourself ship it. it's such a bizarre feeling like aww they're so cute OH MY GOSH THEY'RE RELATED STOP THE PRESS.

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Cliche after cliche after cliche after cliche after cliche after...
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A family of weebs goes to Japan and leaves their dog behind to get gangraped in prison





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