Literacy card you 瘦大腿must bring confidence

November 20 [Fri], 2015, 16:56
Child early literacy confident

Former school has been recognized nearly 2,000 Find the method the baby to see literacy learning cards Chinese characters. Use study cards, she represents all the 1-year freshman, he made a statement at the opening ceremony. She was holding a speech on the stage read, next to a lot of parents are heard she said admiringly know several thousand words. This little girl really瘦大腿simple. Her performance has been the best language, there is a relatively large effort into other door Branch, so Koko are outstanding. The teacher particularly fond of her, treat her as a competent assistant. I was surprised to find that, let the children early literacy, not only for her homework after school to help, but also to bring children's self-confidence of a surprise Baby to see literacy learning card method.

Eat early literacy deficit

Before school met nearly a thousand words. But because he literacy cards, basically do not listen to the language class, they want to own. Language teacher did not control him too. After some time, other class teacher told me to go to class too much love of God, Teach your baby to create a literate card library the teacher is difficult to achieve in the classroom constantly remind him, let me think of a way. However, the school has developed a habit of inattention. His results are getting worse, including language, because the language there are many literacy content outside. We are very self-blame, if not let children early literacy, but step by step to go with, you may not have to become now.

Expert opinion

The above two examples illustrate: the child self-confidence or not, not whether early literacy. If only to let the children have so little more than others, know the words of confidence and early literacy and learning card use, Categories teach your baby to know literate card lettering so that confidence can be maintained long indeed worth considering. Moreover, different children, into different environments, have different opportunities Receive education and literacy learning card use.

Although some courses are inevitable after the children go to school to learn, we do not need to waste time to let the children learn twice.diver But the child's departure from the ability level, such as when he was interested in resolution image when learning to read, when he was small muscle development is good enough to learn to write, learn the use of the card, to seize these help children learn good time, a parent has to observation and follow-up.
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