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December 12 [Thu], 2013, 15:18
Weddingdressforus: How did the idea of the 'Wedding Party'?

Celia: One day we went out through a door leaving behind a completely different life and as you say, opened us a window, rather a balcony. It became our minds the idea that conventional fairs where there are many providers who deliver leaflets, that assail you with discounts, brides dresses 2014, bags of advertising and information between the two collapse not reaching practically anywhere, since when the person was leaving the fair probably he remembered not what had counted you on the first Stand he visited, has in its hands a bag full of brochures, offers, promotions, budgets... that probably half of them where end?, in the trash. So tired of both Convention that it does not anywhere, we cling to the belief that this had to change.

A sunny day, we wake up with an idea and if these fairs will completely change the concept of fair?, and if stopped harassing the brides with promotions and offers?, and if even better, these fairs will live them second-person to first-person? … There were what we were looking for Short Beach Wedding Dresses 2014

Weddingdressforus: the Wedding Party 2.0. It is an innovative concept and a pioneer in our country that we could qualify as the event of the year in this sector differences can find between the conventional wedding fairs and your Wedding Party as we know so far?

Behind this wonderful initiative are Celia and Ivan, whose intention is to revolutionize the sector of Cheap Bridemaid Dresses For Girls in Spain with ideas, pioneering and innovative; Cuqui House hand, who has been a great support in the provision of advice, and once upon a time weddings and events, which has been responsible for the coordination and timing.

However, we know little more moment of this fascinating project "mysterious" full of surprises, not only for the participants but also for all those who we consider ourselves Wedding Lovers and live it expectantly in the background, because it is a fact without precedents in the world bodil. To clarify our doubts, we have been in contact with Celia, the "thinking mind" of all this idea, which we answered delighted to all our questions.
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