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January 28 [Sat], 2012, 14:29
It's so confusing. Each service has its pros and cons. Not one has all my fav idols and models. But the worst thing is the language barrier. It's really hard to take advantage of the blogs and fancafes and clubs if you always have to wade though a poor translation provided by google translate.

I also wonder where to host my blog. Should it be here on Yaplog? Mixi? Mixi was so hard to get into, so I feel like I should at least use it more often.

And I finally signed up for Daum (I had to use a tutorial) but I'm still trying to figure out how to join the fancafes. @_@

crazy business.

ja mata ne~

A Mori Girl Day

December 31 [Sat], 2011, 8:35
Lately, it's been getting chillier and I feel like wearing outfits with more layers.
I wore this to my tutoring job.

I think the wintertime is the best time to pretend to be a woodland girl~

Hope you are staying warm



December 19 [Mon], 2011, 17:58
it's been a long time since I last posted.
I have no excuses except that I've been busy and often feeling a little sick

anyway, in on holiday break, but I'm still stuck doing projects. I must finish them quickly. I want to be able to enjoy some break time!

Lately, I've been playing a game on my iPhone called "fwamu".

here's a picture of my pet:

Very cute, right?!

okay now back to work.

relax day

July 02 [Sat], 2011, 3:50
Lately, I've been working too much.
But I finally finished my work tonight!

So, I want to have a super relax day tomorrow!

I won't do anything tiring or boring or stressful~

Only fun or relaxing things, like:

use a face mask
eat fruit salad
update my blog
craft some cute things
watch a movie
play games
read a book before bed

I wish that I can do most of those things tomorrow

This Monday is the 4th of July. This is a national holiday in the US. There will be some fireworks displays. We can see them from then window of our house I wonder what we'll eat that day.

Here's my outfit from Thursday. It was a rainy day and I wanted to wear mori girl style

okay, talk to you again~

outfit of the day. sort of.

May 02 [Mon], 2011, 20:32
today I met with my friend for a little bit of crafting. She's working on a poetry art book that she will bind herself. I didn't want to carry too much with me, so I brought a basket that I'm customizing and my sewing kit.

since we were crafting today, I wore something soft and comfortable.

the shirt has cute lace detail cap sleeves!

I decided to wear these Vera Wang (for kohls lol) necklace and bracelets to give it a bit if color. I like that it gets some pink in the outfit, but is also kind of edgy with the gunmetal chains.

I also used this huuuuuuge Victoria's Secret tote I bought last year, so I could just throw everything in and go.

It carried my laptop, charger, planner, folder, makeup bag, pencil pouch, lunch, phone, wallet, sunscreen and other little things. I love it!

I took an outfit snap while I was wearing it, but the lighting turned out bad

okay, that's all for now.

I'm working on some new posts for my main blog www.helloenaam.net like a BB cream overview as well as some cooking & craft tutorials. Please visit sometime!
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