Hello, new journal. 

June 04 [Thu], 2009, 9:16
Many stories may we share.

Today went very well and tomorrow is the last day of school... so, I should be happy, right? I am not. Someone just hurt my feelings really bad, and I know it was definitely intentinal... it feels like that same 'feeling' again, which I have felt for too long and I thought had just passed for now. But, I have a feeling it's coming back again. That same- I want to go hide in my bed and stay away from the world feeling. If I could miss another day of school I wouldn't go tomorrow, though sadly I must. I hate being played around with. It's not fair.

All of my excitement for tomorrow has passed... sometimes I wonder if it would be better if I was just left all alone, you know? I hate knowing that I can't express my feelings to anyone clearly. I'm so worthless sometimes.

Depressing for a first entry... I know. I have a feeling that that is all may come here, I know nobody must check here so it's probably the best place from my main journal.

Goodbye for now~
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