we don't intend to produce extravagant watch

July 19 [Fri], 2013, 3:20
the west iron city is getting into China for 50 years, the accomplishment that once set equal brilliancy, became widely known brand.But since 90's in last century, the west iron city suddenly and significantly falls in the sale of China, accomplishment's falling have been keeping on to count year.

at present, the west iron city holds only kinetic energy electric wave form to stage a comeback in China market, they can re-appear electronics quartz for form ages of brilliancy?Recently, the west iron city(China) clock limited company president's Shi Qi filial piety male said while accepting this report interview, the company just carried on a change from in the low level market to at the high level market, but we couldn't be like extravagant brand of Switzerland then produce several 100,000 several 1,000,000 watches, if do like this, we abandonned their our own principles.

fall reason:Don't catch variety in the market in time

reporter:Pass by ten much in the middle of the year, the reason why results in west does iron city accomplishment significantly fall?

the Shi Qi filial piety male:At that time because the people's universal living standard wasn't high, the west iron city was upscale sparse to lack a product in China, west iron city is in the sale strategy of China is single species in great quantities sale, at that time, the main price was 400 dollars, had of the style could sell several 100,000.

but till the mid 90's in last century, the west iron city suddenly and significantly falls in the sale of China.The reason lies in, the economy in China had 1 to leap in the mid 90's in last century, people's income level quickly raised, from the opponent form of pure of account the function start developing for characteristic consume, design, materials of opponent form all had higher request, but still adopt the western Tie Cheng company of 80's in last century market strategy don't catch this kind of to change in time, with the result that quota severity in the market fall.

reporter:What kind of characteristics do need and variety of Chinese clock market have?

the Shi Qi filial piety male:Watch already from account the tool change is an adornment, consumer while purchasing watch, also become more and more rational, can't persistently pursue costliness, but will comprehend brand value, pay attention to brand culture, the need of the opponent form of consumer becomes more and more characteristic.

compete strategy:Can't produce extravagant watch

reporter:In Guangzhou, the person of income level Gao compares to incline toward Switzerland brand, the west iron city how draw on this part of persons to purchase west the product of iron city?

the Shi Qi filial piety male:In the Chinese home watch market, the sales ranks several ex-s of is all Switzerland high level brand.But pursue the consumer of high price to be just the person of one part, the west iron city forever what to aim at is medium carry community, ignore is in China still in other nations in the world, what we faced is all whole community of region.We can't be like extravagant brand of Switzerland then produce several 100,000 several 1,000,000 watches, if so, we abandonned their our own principles.

reporter:Is near how many years, China lowered the tax rate of importing watch gradually, and reduce quota, does this have the influence on the west Tie Cheng company?

the Shi Qi filial piety male:Chinese government had already completely released the quota of watch import, completely didn't limit.The tax rate lowers not big to our influence in China market.Because several near in the last yearses, we are original and then is carrying on the adjustment of product structure, eliminate the product been not suitable for, usher in a better species, and also always respond to adjust to sell a species according to the market.The products of new development are the products of all high additional values.So the tariff lowers to have no influence on our whole prices.

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