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February 08 [Fri], 2019, 16:14


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You are entering a world of pain.
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I still haven't seen the Big Lebowski to this day, it's rather funny when I tell my friends that, because I am a Combat Veteran of 5 tours and 30 years of service I am a very serious person allot of people rely on my skills for security and safety in the Civilian world. Last month I turned 50, I think I owe it to my self to sit down with a skunk and a Bong and enjoy this movie after Christmas. From what I'm told it will be a good time!!.

You're killing your father, Larry...

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Smoky my friend, you'r entering in a world of pain

Is this your homework Larry?'re killing your father Larry!

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I was really hoping after John Goodman said I'm just not that good Bridges would have gone with the well - that's just like your opinion man
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I like her weird voice.
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this movie was surprisingly good and thought provoking. when I first saw it I just assumed it was a stoner flick to be discarded, I was wrong. most of the problems in the movie are social problems that we have in society and can't seem to repair or fix them, just done in exaggerated ways. also this movie might be a biblical allegory. not sure..
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The Big Lebowski (20th anniversary celebration
This video has so many ins, so many outs, so many what have yous.....I'm crying with joy.

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That's just garbage.


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Wooks will borrow your everything once you feed a stoner scrambled eggs!


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“Obviously, you’re not a golfer.”
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