La Fiesta 

2005年10月04日(火) 13時05分
Gracias al apoyode Uds. La Fiesta fue un gran exito..Gracias a todos por dar un granito de arena y ayudarnos en la realizacion de esta fiesta.
Espero que se hayan divertido y espero algun dia vernos otra vez.


2005年08月16日(火) 20時18分

Llegamos a Miyazaki y inmediatamente fuimos a UDO shrine. The weather was hot and humid. We had to walk for about 20 minutes until we got to the main shrine.
I was extremely surprised when I realised that the shrine was inside a cave.

Se parece a la Isla de Pascua..en Chile pero no estamos al otro lado del mundo..en Miyazaki-Japon.

Near Ocean artifitial beac. We didn't go there cause we didn't have time but what we rented two bicycles and we went around the compound. It was nice and I did enjoy my time there. You've got to go there if you have the chance.

Charity Party 2005.7.24 

2005年07月26日(火) 18時49分

Estos son los miembros de Kumamoto Caliente. These are the members of Kumamoto Caliente. I really had a good time dancing merengue with che children that came to the party.

We only had 2 hours but it was a lot of fun...people who didn't really missed it...But, I have a great news for you. There is a possibility that we are going to have a BIG PARTY some time in YOU can't miss it!!


2005年04月09日(土) 0時09分

This photo shows everything. It was the second half, my friends and I were having a farewell party...half of my head was in the conversation that we were having and the other half was on the game. Luckiky the restaurant had a huge screen and we could see the game through th door. We were taking photos and when we were about to say we heard the people outside and checked the screen...Baharin had was an own goal....we burst in happiness and joy.
That is all I have to say....


2005年03月14日(月) 22時33分

This is a photo taken with the children I teach every Friday....But, I won't see them again anymore. This Friday will be their graduation day, I saw them growing...some of them were 2-3 years when they came for the first time and now they are going to elementary school this spring...

Best of luck for all of you...!!


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.... 

2005年02月03日(木) 23時53分

Yesterday was snowy in Kumamoto. It was very cold and messy....and I had to ride my bicycle....It was a good experience since it was cold, my hands were freezing and the snow melt almost immediately after it hit the ground so you can imagine the mess I became.

Believe it or not, this was Kumamoto at 2PM.

I can hold my umbrella 

2004年12月17日(金) 12時47分

Reika in Kumamoto 

2004年12月17日(金) 12時38分

My sister's Birthday 

2004年12月12日(日) 12時43分

Happy Birthday RUMKO

thanks friend at tapas 

2004年12月11日(土) 12時45分
Mami Norma 最後のタパスでしたみんなありがとうSalud
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