Abyss of "contract labor"

February 27 [Wed], 2013, 13:08
According to Indian media reports, the Suzuki factory riots due to the workers for the establishment of trade unions to fight for the interests of the contract workers. There are thousands of people in the car factory in this, more than the number of contract workers than regular workers. Workers unequal pay for equal work is serious, has organized the establishment of trade unions, are suppressed by the factory last together workers and management personnel dispute led to violence that shocked the whole of India.

India is almost the most stringent national labor laws in the world, and the enterprise even fired an employee must apply to the local government. Many factories through a third-party labor service company, employing a large number of contract workers (or temporary) to bypass the strict labor laws.

The the Suzuki factory drive a forklift contract workers Mukesh (Mukesh Kumar Yadav) as an example. Month salary of 7,000 rupees (8.7 rupees or about one yuan), just in the violent events of the month, he lost in the work of two toes. Because he is employed by a third-party labor company, also can not enjoy the the Suzuki plant's medical compensation. For a formal work is concerned, the same work, they pay up to three times the contract workers, but also to enjoy the company of medical insurance.

By the effects of inflation, the actual income of the Indian workers is even lower than 15 years ago. Suzuki factory near the village, 78 contract workers squeezed into a house rent of Rs 4,000 to 5,000 overnight. These workers go into exile, and slowly found wages barely enough to maintain their livelihood is no longer a surplus can be sent home.

India Labor Department's latest annual report, subject to strict labor laws affect the number of contract workers in India has reached 1.5 million, equivalent to twice that of 2000. Formal workers and contract workers are not only not getting equal pay for equal work, graded on a scale.

Another story in the Indian media, called Babu electrical components plant contract workers, took 4800 rupees wages per month, still need standing work. 300 formal workers in his factory, and the 1200 contract workers can only formal workers work sitting in a chair, while contract workers in addition to low wages, can not sit and work.

Management hierarchy and violence: Indian contract workers in dire straits

February 27 [Wed], 2013, 13:04
Affected by factory riots this week's report of the Association of Automobile Manufacturers of India, India's largest car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki car sales in August fell 41%.

This is not a Suzuki in India for the first time by the impact of labor issues. Last year, a two-month-long strike makes the Suzuki factory was almost paralyzed, a loss of $ 400 million. This, of course, Suzuki is not a problem, all walks of life in India, labor issues are a headache.

Love strikes India

We often hear the Europeans not only high-income, holidays and more, often strike. However, this is not a high-income countries privilege, in the 400 million population lives below the poverty line in India, in addition to public holiday, the strike is routine.

Last month, millions of Indian banking employees against the reform, a two-day strike. And last week, India 150 000 medical representatives nationwide strike to resist commercial bribery. According to statistics, in 2010 alone, India's national strike there 100 times, an average of once every three days on strike the strike field covering government, banking, airlines, small traders, and even human pedicab. Most of the multinational companies, such as Nestle, Nokia (microblogging), Hitachi, Hyundai, GM, Volvo, Suzuki, at its plant in India have taken place over the strike severely affected production.

The strike sometimes rise to the violence, which affect the largest number of Maruti Suzuki. Two months ago, Suzuki (Manesar) plant near the capital, Delhi Mani Saar, company managers and workers dispute, causing factories riots workers incineration plant, killing factory director of human resources, at the same time lead to nearly 100 injured. Plant so close the month, a small part of the production began to recover by the end of August, a serious impact on Suzuki's car sales.

Qiaozhi Si slippery feel lying cast shame James Wong

February 02 [Sat], 2013, 13:06
Young players always unstable, and James Wade bits George not control emotions, along with an offensive foul after George guilty in advance fate, Section II unhelpful.

Wade in the second quarter the Heat trailed by 10 points to start force first breakthrough Behind step fouls, then hit in the cast Glenealy 6 points. In fact, the last couple of years Wade for the protection of their own to reduce or even hide their own the Sha Zhao Behind step, less than a critical moment easily without this season trained handedly dumped.

But George can enter the All-Star is also no accident that the middle in the third quarter, George James one singled out in the bottom line of the ball.

George First, forget the right breakthrough, followed by a step-back and super-tough, almost lying cast backwards score, this time the Pacers have been 17 points ahead. George height has grown to 2.07 meters, is indeed the most offensive talent in addition to James Wong Durant and Anthony III position players. Wade the third quarter into a Section II George, successful only once outside of the defense.

Wade, the last one, there are six minutes when finally got the first points of the second half to reduce the points difference to 13 points and George followed even in two in the cast.

The game George silky shooting touch to show his talent and chase in Miami timeshare stabilize the morale of the troops, scored 15 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 steals. And Wade better half, slept a wake up late, scored 17 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks.

Wade halftime Biao speed halftime maintenance

February 02 [Sat], 2013, 13:05
Many people say that Paul - George much like Wade. But only from the shooting, George might do better. Beijing on February 2, 2013, the Miami Heat roadies against the Pacers.

The last time the two teams played against Wade scored 30 points, George did shine scored 29 points and 11 rebounds, to help the team turned over the Miami Heat. Results the Heat again away gaofu 89-102 loss to the Pacers.

Wade and George in before the playoffs grips on the accumulation of a lot of grievances, including mutual spray the trash talking and after the verbal confrontation. Wade last season, the lore Walker is life and life in the cast of the head of George, and George this season, setting a personal five career highs Walker's new leader.

Although far from enemies, but the two absolutely meet jealous. It is worth mentioning that Wade and Chris - Paul has just become the captain of the east and west of the All-Star team, as the first captain of the eastern part of the All-Star team, Wade can maybe another nickname: Captain America.

Captain America's spirit of collaboration. Section I Wade only shot twice scored three points, but it sent two assists, once from the cross-head of the farm pass and James, once and hit the ground "Birdman" Anderson pick and roll pass. What really tough defense of Wade, his first assist in the defense in the cover shot of the Hill, Paul George dislocation singles then Wade, results in 24 seconds near the end when Wade cover.

George first section also played the iconic attack to come off the bench in the All-Star to James III position, whether flash turn maneuvers backward one-third of the time to recover the body, or a fast-break dunk, or one-to-one 2 +1, George ease.

Often trivial disputes, or even anywhere to pee

January 29 [Tue], 2013, 15:30
Not so much that they highly recognized by the Kuomintang, as these mainlanders support to the mainland, the KMT and President Chiang is the only hope for their return home, so it had to support. This ideology and concept to the next generation, it is natural to become an early political education, and very difficult to get rid of. Television programs a year visit the Sun was the mistress.

Sun Li-jen came to Taiwan after being accused of "seditious conspiracy" and was placed under house arrest, her mistress also been implicated in the Sun was the case. Them in this interview, she talked about a lot of gossip, but when she finished with a very sincere and slightly apologetic look on his face: "I want to say these will not affect the KMT's election at the end of the year."

Not long ago, Taiwan News on the old veterans. The veterans' home in Taiwan, many old veterans dementia, dementia lead to their degradation, many elderly people who have depression, and even merge depression, anxiety, psychosis, mental illness.

Often trivial disputes, or even anywhere to pee, the middle of the night without sleep, Dao Chuguang other issues. Those who do not know that they are deliberately spoof, in fact, the patients have cognitive modern toilet like Bie had to chaos urine anxious, which makes the work of the House Veterans very troubled.

Later, Veterans General Hospital psychiatrist "reminiscence therapy" to solve these problems. Dementia TSA toilet the facade changed to like the previous style wooden forces pushed open the door, they want a way to erect Flag dementia old veterans originally habits chaos urine aisle, washbasin, etc. posted slogans of "respect for the flag, not to mention, this trick really works, and really no one would dare to commit.

As for the trivia dispute, sleep problems, doctors door saloon and put "the late President Chiang Kai-shek and photos, to remind dementia old veterans, not this uproar, in order to express the respect of President Chiang or quarrel. Evening bedtime to the evening roll songs play army, they listened really were told to go to bed. This method was used month, restlessness and depression have been improved.