The peach Yao

February 27 [Mon], 2012, 17:40
Afternoon, the peach Yao lies prone on the back yard plum flower tree under of swing Cheap Rosetta Stone chair up appreciate breeze to enjoy flower, drowsy medium, hear the cellular phone of constitution make bell to ring out and raise hand effort groped for along while in the pocket and carried is continuously cellular phone music, be fond of to receive eyes are disorderly to press 1 on the keyboard, turn off a noisy bell sound.
Led half Discount Rosetta Stone to ring, she slowly stretched out a hand and held tight the arm-rest of one side and struggled to climb and be suffused with red and dizzy face up spread all over a sleeping of dim moonlight idea.The peach Yao taste stagnantly stares at the lawn of foot green up piecemeal scatter of the powder color plum flower petal ……
Recall more than a months of oneselfs, at treasure Zhong opera field in Tokyo knew that to call Liu Sheng Quan of female kid after, once everyday lead supper for time, the cellular phone Rosetta Stone Online Shop message box comes from Liu Sheng Quan to in fixed time send out and presses the information that she gets to the Internet to chat.
Remember last night online half-cooked Rosetta Stone Online Shop speech chat, the temple of peach Yao drum bulge get specially severe!This day also lets to keep on making people Cheap Rosetta Stone Spanish at ease not.God, her wishes is really infinitesimal.Only begging a sky can return to China to do 1 to mix to eat to wait to die and have no ambition of rice worm.Really is the dream with no other greatnesses?
You can not see my day lead too leisurely and carefreely, send one be full of booming vigor, passionate and matchless little girl, all day worry me, discuss her dream, her pursue, her idol ……not very good?I really had no that intense emotion.
"Young lady, peach Ms. Yao……you really here ah?"The maidservant Ling of the home son all the way and lightly calls of search to come over, the her eyebrow eye wearing a smilely looking at a fan to receive eyes to sit the girl who dazes on the chair in swing and lightly smiles, " ha ha, young lady definitely again is established into all calls to refuse to answer.No wonder that young master in the Jing City just called you on your cellphone and said a dozen of impassabilities.Can't, make the telephone of home call."
"Elder brother, call words."The peach Yao slowly raises head, hope toward Ling son stands Cheap Rosetta Stone Spanish of place, afternoon brilliant brilliant sunlight, let her can not control feelings a ground of Mi Mi eyes, doubt of ask question, " what matter?They tennis agency, today not is have training?"
"Oh-say BE, the afternoon doesn't train.He and true farmland young master, young master together returns
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