National Anarchists Delare Machete Racist, Promotes Genocide!

July 24 [Tue], 2012, 18:44

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this is a joke, there is nothing about this movie that promotes hatred
to the whites, if anything its hatred towards mexicans. This movie is a
fun roller coaster ride, not to  be taken seriously.  i saw it today and
loved it. This guy didn't see the damn movie! It doesn't incite some kind of
race war between Mexicans and White people! It's all about social class,
power and profit. Not race. It's called subtext and it isn't that hard
to see in this movie!

jghj re:

And how the hell does an Anarchist become a
spokesman for his community and a leader of his organization? Has he
researched what an Anarchist is? lol

guess movies like Coffy and Shaft incite genocide too because the title
characters go after the white mafia guys that are keeping people down.


These aren't anarchists.  Probably don't even know the definition of
the word.  Especially since they're called National Anarchists.  Bit of
an oxymoron since real anarchists are opposed to the idea of nationalism
and the state.  Idiots.

And they definitely haven't even seen the
movie, which if you're going to protest something you should at least
see it so you don't sound like a complete fucking moron.

And most anarchists I've known would be down with killing whitey.:P


it's definitely about time for a racial holy war!  I think my summer tan
might even cover up the fact that I'm actually a honky.  Kill whitey!THIS MAKES ME SOOO ANGRY! But then I'm uncontrollably laughing at the
geek in the video but still watching this video made me want to hit
somebody. What a dumbass, who does this guy think he is? Protesting with
Machetes to ban the movie Machete? I love the part when she asks what
do you hope to achieve? HAHAHA EXACTLY! What the fuck will you achieve
NOTHING! Robert Rodriguez must be rolling on the ground laughing at this
douche bag! Anybody have this guys number so I can give him a piece of
my mind?