Style On A Budget- Why Go Cocktail?

November 09 [Mon], 2015, 17:39

Need to go to a semi-formal occasion and having difficulty thinking what to wear? Why not doll up in a cocktail dress? Cocktail dresses are classic staples when it comes to different types of semi-formal occasions. Whether it be a homecoming reunion, a prom or a semi-formal gathering, a cocktail dress perfectly addresses your fashion concerns.

Why cocktail dress?
Unlike most ball gowns, cocktail dresses are lighter to wear, shorter and are easier to manage than full length gowns. You'll get less chances of accidentally tripping on your dress when you opt to wear a cocktail dress instead. They look more modern and sleek as well, plus, owning a cocktail dress is more practical- you can use them again anytime you have an event to attend.

Long or short?
Cocktail dresses come in a variety of colors and styles so your fashion needs are fully satisfied. Usually, cocktail dresses are short- around knee length, but it might also depend on the dress style. Choose a dress that will suit your body shape- for instance, short yet flowy cocktail dresses paired with high heels or stilletos look great on petite girls to elongate their form, while fitted, slightly above the knee cocktail dresses work well on girls with bulky frames.

Radiative Natural Sleeveless Spaghetti Straps

Does a dress need to be a designer one to be called "cocktail dress"?
Definitely not! Many short cocktail dresses are truly designer works and carry price tags that are too much for your wallet. But don't worry! There's an abundance of cheaper, easy-on-the-pocket, elegant short cocktails dresses that won't kill your budget. Cheap tags don't mean low-quality products, remember that! Before buying a low priced or discounted dress, thoroughly inspect the dress for any loose stitches, uneven hems, a missing button or sequin details. Such minute details are important- you wouldn't want to attend a dinner with loose stitches all over your dress! Luckily, lots of boutiques carry cheap, short cocktails dresses in a flood of available designs and colors- you'll surely find your perfect match!

Save yourself of the hassle that comes with not knowing what to wear by looking at catalogs and magazines to find the style that you'd love to flaunt. Go for a cocktail dress- you'll never go wrong with them! Start shopping for your very own cheap short cocktail dresses and get set to look gorgeous in no time.

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