Bomb in Yemeni military vehicle kills tw

May 26 [Sun], 2013, 8:38
ADEN (Reuters) - A remotely-detonated bomb planted in a military vehicle killed a soldier and a civilian and injured six other soldiers in the Hadramaut region of eastern Yemen on Saturday evening, a local security official said.

The explosion took place in the town of al-Shehr as the vehicle drove along a main road, the official said. He added Islamist militants were suspected of the bombing.

Islamist militants seized control of swathes of south and east Yemen during the political chaos of the Arab Spring in 2011. They instituted Islamic law in captured towns and allied with al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, seen in the West as the movement's most dangerous wing.

Yemeni armed forces and pro-government tribal militias backed by the U.S. ousted Islamists from major towns last year, but fighting persists.

Stability in lawless, impoverished Yemen is a priority for Washington, which wants to prevent al Qaeda using it as a base to plot international attacks.

(Reporting by Mohammed Mukhashaf; Writing by Angus McDowall; Editing by Andrew Roche)
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